My Favourite Every Day Lip Shades

Despite having a massive collection of lipsticks in all colours, I have found myself reaching for three lip products over and over again lately. When it comes to every day lip products, I want something which won’t dry my lips, lasts a few hours and isn’t too bold because my main fear in life is having lipstick smudged up my face when I’m talking to someone important. These three lippies tick all the boxes for what I need on a day to day basis and therefore I owe them a blog post to give them a little spotlight to show how good they are.
The most used lipstick here is the Rimmel The One lipstick in ‘Naughty Nude’. I got hold of this a few weeks before they were released when we went for a meeting at COTY at work. They included this one and a really deep red in the little goodie bag they gave us, but this one has been used far more than the red one! These lipsticks are absolutely awesome. The colour lasts for HOURS and is a lovely opaque formula which delivers on colour in one swipe. I’ve swatched them all and they are all equally as good. However, this one is my favourite as it has a hint of rose gold to it, but with a touch of brown to really warm the shade. It’s like a hybrid of all your favourite lip products in one stick: moisturising, glossy, long wearing and a lovely fuss free colour.
Second up we have the L’OrĂ©al Colour Riche lipstick in Eva’s Delicate Rose, which despite sounding like a euphemism for lady parts, is a creamy pink shade which makes my lips feel so soft when I use it. Once again, this doesn’t dry my lips out at all and has a balm like effect on smoothing them over, but isn’t glossy at all. It applies with a matte finish and has a hint of gold sparkle in it. 
Finally, the newest every day nude for my lipstick collection, is the NYX Liquid Suede in Tea and Cookies. I cannot tell you the struggle it was to only choose on of these from the NYX stand in Boots and it was a complete toss up between this shade and Amethyst, which was a lovely deep purple. I chose this simply because it was more wearable on a daily basis, but I will definitely be picking up more next time I go! This can boarder on slightly drying if my lips aren’t in tip top condition, but that due to the matte finish formula. Saying that, it’s only 2/10 times I wear it and feel like I need a balm as well. The finish and colour is so long lasting you can apply it in the morning and forget about it until after lunch.

Do you favour certain lipsticks over others? If you haven’t tried the Rimmel ‘The One’ lipsticks, I feel like everyone needs to ASAP.