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When it comes to quick and easy meals, I am the totally the gal for the job. Some dub me 'microwave chef of the century'  which is a title that I'm not going to object to. I can easily whip up a tasty meal in as little as 5 minutes with a pack of straight to wok noodles and some broccoli. Usually I dine for one, as I live alone, but over the festive period I branched out and cooked for more than just myself with the help of the Amoy Supper Club Challenge.

After receiving a delicious hamper of Amoy treats, I decided to go for two different main meals on two different occasions.  The first was the endlessly simple Malaysian Laksa Curry. The only thing I actually cooked on the hob was the chicken with the curry sauce. I did say I was lazy.... Simply frying off the chicken, adding some crunchy peppers and simmering in the sauce gave me time to prep the baby corn, sugarsnap peas and *whispers* Tilda Coconut Rice in the microwave separately. I know it sounds like a cop-out, but I actually much prefer veg done in the microwave like this. I find it's just easier to get that crunch and avoid over-cooking like I tend to do on the hob. Within around 25 minutes this delicious beauty of a meal was complete, with absolutely minimal effort. 

The second meal, which probably took a little bit more effort, was Salmon with soy veg and singapore noodles. The noodles are meant to be straight to wok, but once again, popping them in the microwave for 2 minutes a sachet works for me! They don't get too soggy and are cooked to perfection each time. I know, the packet doesn't say anything about the microwave, whoops. To cook the salmon and veg, I simply created a foil parcel, plonked it all in and doused a good glugg of soy sauce on it all. In the oven in about half an hour and you're done. The soy sauce flavour steams in to the salmon and veg which makes all of it incredibly tasty. Delicious.

Want more cheat meals under half an hour?  WELL, My other favourite which uses the Amoy Stir Fry Sweet and Sour Sauce, which also creates a bit of the 'taste of the takeaway', is when you buy the supermarket version of 'popcorn chicken' and once again, use some Tilda Microwave Rice. Simply cook the chicken in the oven, pop the rice in the microwave, then pour the heated sweet and sour sauce over both. It's like the crispy battered sweet and sour chicken from the Chinese, but a lot cheaper and probably with a few less calories too!

I might start a new blog series which is microwave meals in a flash. When you work so many hours, who has time to cook a proper tea when they get home? Oh... everyone? Ok. *hugs microwave*

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  1. Officially starving now! :)

    Big love
    www.lafotka.com (previously Secret little Stars)

  2. Ok, I'm hungry now. I don't get the snobbish reactions to microwave cooking - the way you're doing it means everything is fresh and tastes good, so what's the problem? Microwaves for ever!


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