Interior Snippets: My Latest Additions

After moving in to my house six months ago, I still haven’t managed to jazz it up as much as I’d hoped I would have by now. Despite booking a few odd days off work to try and have a tidy up and sort out (not even lying here), I end up just having a good sit and procrastinating instead. One of the main issues I have with my living room is the layout, which is why I usually just look at it and think ‘meh, I’ll do it another day’ when I can use my dwindling energy to measure for some shelves and go to Argos or something!
The weirdest feature in my living room is this little shelf thing where the fireplace would traditionally be. It’s an awkward height and width so hard to find something to fill it without looking too plain or too cluttered. Although saying that I think I’m definitely on the edge of being over cluttered with my make shift display at the moment…

The two latest bits for my cluttered little awkward shelf is the star light (from stag head, which was a Christmas present. I’ve tried to mix up the heights of the ornaments and frames on there to add a bit more variation and kind of helps everything ‘fit’ a little better in the space.
I’m still not overly happy with the space, but it’s a lot better than having it as some form of stage for the cat to perform her David Meowie impressions on (see what I did there? I’m hilarious). I think once I have some shelves up on the wall I will transfer the smaller frames on to them and perhaps add a huge glass vase with fairy lights in it instead.
….Unless anyone else has any ideas for jazzing up my weird little space?