Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Ah, extensions my old friend. I’ve been going cold turkey on my faithful weave for a few months now and opted for the au natural look instead. You can also see that I’ve ditched the dip dye after 4 years and gone for an all over mahogany shade. I’m not sure why I did this, or if I regret it or not yet (!) but a change is as good as a rest and all that… Anyway, to match my new hair colour I needed to invest in some more hair extensions, and saw some pretty good selfies flying around instagram of these Irresistible Me Hair Extensions.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

After a little bit of deliberation, I settled on the Royal Remy Extensions in Ginger. The colour on the images on site looked the closest to what my hair had been dyed to, and when they arrived I was surprised at how close the colour match was. Unfortunately though, my hair is so damaged at the bottom the colour has faded slightly, but once I wave/curl my hair they blend in fine. I have re-dyed my hair and some of the extensions since then, so they’re blending in a lot more naturally now. To the point where some people have asked me how I got my hair to grow so fast. Tehehehe. The packaging for the extensions was so cute, with a little message inside for sharing your hair pics on Instagram, which endlessly pleased my ‘brand geek’ side – seeing how the offline marketing of the product on the packaging just made me want to share it

But what about the quality of the hair itself? WELL, the first thing I’m impressed about is how natural they actually look and feel. They don’t have the silkiness of other extensions I’ve tried, but this makes them feel and look more like my actual hair so despite not appearing as luxurious to the touch, they just look a lot better when sitting against real hair. Saying that, the strands are thick and the weft is full, so I’ve not doubt that the quality is on a par with the silkier feeling extensions anyway. Heat styling is also easy and curls can be created and held quickly. Sometimes I find with the silkier extensions they seem to weigh themselves down and the curls drop out quicker, whereas these will hold the style all day. 
Within the 20″, 200g option I got enough for a full head of extensions and then some! Within the set there was enough for a full head coverage and then a bonus quadruple weft clip in, which is perfect for a quick bit of volume! Because I love having long hair, I’ve actually taken the clips off most of the wefts and attached them in semi-permanently with micro rings (one day I will do a tutorial on how to do this!), so my hair is long all day long and only half the set was needed to make it look full and thick. I’m saving the rest of the clip in ones for nights out now.  In the picture above I have half the set attached in and the quadruple weft clipped in the back, to give a rough idea of how full the extensions are. 

Overall, I think the Irresistible Me Extensions are probably the best I’ve tried. I will keep an eye on the wear of the ones I have semi-permanently attached in to see how they fair against the other extensions I’ve had attached in the same method, but so far, so good. They also seem to dry a lot quicker after washing than previous ones, but this may because they don’t have the weird silky coating on them, which saves about 45 minutes each time I wash my hair! 

Although a little expensive, I would say they were worth it. You can see the full range from Irresistible Me Hair Extensions online here.