Looking For An Unromantic Valentine’s Gift for Him?

Then look no further than the most un-romantic present on the internet, which will actually score you some mega brownie points when you give it to your boyfriend. Yep. you saw it here first ladies. A Football history newspaper book, which to us looks like the most boring thing which has ever been printed, but to him will be hours and hours of…. fun? 
To be fair though, I do enjoy looking through old newspapers and magazines, if only for the bizarre and politically incorrect advertisements inside, but this one has very little of those and a whole lot of football. Fascinating for football fans I’m sure. Dating all the way back to 1922, this massive leather look book has every single mention of Stoke City Football Club contained within, perfect for any Stoke fan.

But don’t worry if your fella (or yourself) isn’t a fan of Stoke. Gifting website ‘I Just Love It’ has an array of football books to choose from from all the football teams (well, I think of all them, I’m not familiar with this football lark) and you can find them all online here.
When you’ve been going out with someone for a few years it can be quite hard to know what to get them as a surprise and I think even my fella is sick of the sight of watches, socks and wallets (the standard presents I get every single time) – so this bad boy is going to be a welcome change I reckon.

So, if you’re looking for the perfectly un-romantic Valentine’s gift for the guy that has it all, give this one a go.