MeeBox, The Subscription Box for Nail Art Lovers

MeeBox, The Subscription Box for Nail Art Lovers

Ah, I remember the days of doing my degree and never even getting the chance to paint my nails. My course was incredibly hands-on and the amount of times I caught my fingers, let alone my nails, in the bandsaw or on a blade I lost count of! My degree was in Crafts by the way, which was like an advanced version of Kirsties Homemade Homes. How times have changed though and my nail varnish collection is one which can rival your local nail salon.

This is probably why I was a little bit excited to give the MeeBox a whirl. MeeBox is a nail polish lovers dream and is one of the only subscription boxes I've seen around which is just for nail art. The first thing you notice as you crack it open is the amazing packaging and the cute little stickers (which just beg you to sing Adele in a silly voice. Altogether now....Helllooooo, it's meeeeee)

Within the box you will find  selection of nail polishes from both brands you know and brands you don't! My favourite one from this box is the 'Ard As Nails polish in this amazing sparkly pink shade. I'm not usually one for pink polishes, but this one has a lovely holographic shimmer to it. It's beaaaautiful. 

Boxes cost between £18 and £20 dependent on which subscription you choose when purchasing, and inside you receive products worth *just* over that amount. For me, it's probably a little much on a monthly basis, as I don't invest enough in nail varnish to justify £20 each month. Especially when the colours may not be to your taste. I don't think I'd choose any of these colours from the shelf, but have worn the dark purple, pink glitter and 'ard as nails one since receiving the box. I suppose it depends how fussy you are with colours and how much you like your nail polishes and discovering indie brands too!

You can discover more about MeeBox online here

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