Mothers Day Gift Guide Part 1

Mothers Day Gift Guide Part 1

All these seasonal events seem to be getting bigger and bigger every year. But that might just be because I work in beauty marketing and need to make a massive fuss from THE INSIDE OF THE BEAUTY WORLD now too. Nevertheless, Mothers Day is the next *big* day in the marketing calendar and alas, I have succumb to the hype and found myself eyeing up a select few treats from some of my new favourites brands for mother dearest this year. Although saying they're for mother is  a lie, because we all know I'm 98.9% more likely to keep these things for myself, but OH WELL. Here's some inspo in case you're not as selfish as me....

First up, we have some delectable new high end skincare on the block, in the form of . Lancer skincare can be quite the investment, but it's loved by celebrities and beauty industry insiders alike. The Irresistible Lips kit from Lancer is the perfect introduction to the brand, at a purse friendly £38. You'll find inside the gift pack a tube of The Method Polish and the Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum; both perfect for treating your mum, or yourself really! You can use The Method not only to exfoliate your lips before applying the serum, but also for an all over facial scrub to make sure your complexion is clean and fresh ready for spring.

If your mum already swears by the skincare she uses, then you could always go for some bath bombs, as everyone loves a nice long soak. I picked up these bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics at my local outlet store the other day and they were 3 for £6 - costing a little less than the bloggers favourite, Lush! I really like Bomb Cosmetics products as they're really affordable and make my skin feel so nice. So why not share the love of your favourite products and make your mum a hamper of products you swear by!

Speaking of products to swear by, I don't think I've met anyone yet who hasn't loved the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. You can find loads of sets to treat your mum (and of course, yourself, again) over at Lookfantastic. This set contains a handy little spray bottle, which means you can easily wet your hair before applying this deep conditioning treatment. I must say, this is such a simple yet GENIUS idea and after using an entire tub before thinking of getting a spray bottle to make the pre-treatment so much easier. I certainly missed a trick there.

So whether you're going for skincare, haircare or just some treats, my advice is to help your mum to discover some of your favourites by gifting them to her so she can share the joy.

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