The Gold Skirt

I don’t think I will ever be a professional fashion blogger, will I? I suppose I could have waited until the weekend and got some whimsical images outside of me looking with concern in to the distance, but I figured the mirror in the hotel Victoria and I stayed in at the weekend would do.
This gold skirt was actually bought about an hour before this picture and I’ve pretty much worn it every day since. It’s a comfortable fit, an eye-catching yet wearable colour and the best bit? It was only £14.99 from Select. Yup, Select. That shop on the high street which until about a year ago I’d just walk past. But now? Select pretty much makes up 70% of my wardrobe.
In fact – even this dip hem, turtle neck top is from there, for around £11.99. Meaning this outfit cost just under 30quid. The fabric for both the skirt and top are really lovely quality too for the price and team perfectly with my Clarks boots, which by the way are my new go-to shoes for when I need to do a lot of walking. Which we did in Birmingham trying to find somewhere good to eat! We ended up at Handmade Burger Co, Which was fairly mediocre for the price… 

If you’re looking for some affordable clothing, whether it’s for work or just general life, then definitely give Select a quick scout out. You’ll be surprised at not only the price but the absolute bang on styles they have in, which seem to be updated fairly often too!