What’s In My Bag 2016

Today I’m kickin’ it old school and reviving one of those classic cliche blogger posts, in the form of a ‘What’s In My Bag’ – aren’t you lucky to be reading such effervescent content? This Carvela handbag is almost like the baby version of my Vivienne Westwood bag, which I’ve used pretty much every day since I got it from Coggles before Christmas, but I fancied a change so got this cute little charmer from the Kurt Geiger sale at Love The Sales, and it’s surprisingly spacious for such a little looking bag. The suede look sides actually expand out so you can stuff loads more than you initially think you can inside, which is how I manage to haul the following swag around in it on a daily basis.
I recently upgraded my phone from an HTC one M8 to a rose gold iPhone 6s as I thought it would go really well with all the pumpkin spiced lattes I drunk over Christmas… I must say, the camera is phenomenal and I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the pictures it managed to take when I reviewed the Chilli Banana in Macclesfield the other day.

I’ve been keeping the content of my bag pretty basic for the past few months and regularly making an effort to clear out receipts and random sweet packaging. I really do need to upgrade my purse though, as this tweed look Joules number just doesn’t go with my new found love of red snakeprit faux leather bags does it? I’ve also made an effort to cut down the amount of beauty products I carry in my bag and keeping it really simple with this Stila all in one foundation stick and The Balm matte lipstick. The Stila foundation is great for touch ups on the go, as it blends really well with your fingers and there’s a green concealer in the core to balance out any redness. I also pop in the Pixi Glow Mist as I’ve found this weather is doing nothing for the moisture levels of my FACE and I’m finding my forehead in particular is getting really dry sometimes.
Other daily additions to my handbag include Anadin Extra (the only headache tablets which actually work for me) and an emergency Twinkie because who knows when you need a sugar hit? I’ve also been loving the Zara Perfume ‘9.00pm on a Saturday Night’ which is a pretty odd name, and I bought it purely because it reminded me of a song by The Cure, but thankfully it smells amazing too. Like a floral, softer version of YSL Black Opium. It only cost £10 though, so a lot more purse friendly for daily use!
I think the contents of my bag is pretty normal – but do you carry anything weird in yours?? Let me know over on Twitter @helloterrilowe

Oh, and if you’re looking for a new bag but don’t want to spend a shed load, check out the bags on sale at Love The Sales. All the Carvela ones seem to be under 50quid, which is pretty good for a guilt-free post Christmas splurge…