Interior Snippets: New Shelves From Tiger

Well, when I say shelves from Tiger in the title of this blog post, I mean 3 shelves and a wire bowl which I’ve hung on the wall…. 
If you’ve not discovered a shop called Tiger yet, than you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. The closest ones to me in Stoke on Trent are based in Derby and Birmingham. I mean, Manchester doesn’t even have one yet?! This is everything that is wrong with the world right here. Tiger like a hybrid of Paperchase and Ikea, with so many things you need, and so many that you don’t but buy anyway because they’re just so cheap!
The hexagonal shelves cost me £5 each, whilst the wire ones were £4 each, making this little wall display an affordable and easy upgrade for any house, especially if you rent as the easy method of hanging with tiny nails leaves little trace on the wall when you move out.