Mother’s Day Gift Guide Part 2

Last week I covered a few Mother’s Day Gifts, which already included a few beauty treats for your mum. It appears part 2 of my Mother’s Day is even more jam packed with luxurious beauty goods for you and that lady in your life to feast your eyes upon. With so many super cute buys and gift packed beauties on the shelves it is kind of hard to reign it in if you are looking for a beauty based gift for your mum. But never fear, I’ve got you covered with a few pampering selections right here.

First up, we have the brand new L’oreal Age Perfect Golden Age range. This is perfect if you mum is concerned about her fine lines and wrinkles, but still like to look her most glamorous at all times. The Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream is a lovely rose pink tone in the tub, which applies to the skin effortlessly. Melting in to your (mums) complexion a dream, it also leaves a nice dewy base for any foundation to sit on. Or if your mum is opting for a moisturiser with SPF the L’oreal Age Perfect Golden Age cream is also within this gift set from Boots to suit her needs. To support her entire skincare regime, it also contains the intriguing looking Glow Re-Activating Essence, which is a liquid formula with very fine glitter within it. These products are catered towards very mature skin, so excellent for parentals that fall in to the 60+ category (or if you’re treating your Nan this mother’s day too!).
If your mum is still looking for her perfect beauty hero, then you could always treat her to a monthly beauty subscription box. I’m sure the Look Fantastic Beauty Box is quite the familiar treat for many households, but the Look Fantastic Box for March is a beauty purple theme, which comes presented in one of my favourite beauty box designs, ever. Not only does your mum get 6 samples inside the box, but you can also nab the FREE Elle magazine for yourself in the process! 

If you’re looking for a luxuriously pampering gift, then the Rituals Sweet Orange and Cedar Gift Set contains everything she needs to have a lovely evening in. Not only does the gift set look amazing in the eye catching orange packaging, but the smell is incredible. It’s a really tangy citrus with a spicey under lying scent. Not only that, but the shower oil is perfect for making your skin super soft and add a truly luxurious feeling to even the dullest of showers!
Finally, if your mum is a secret reader of blogs, she will probably have NUXE on her wish list. I remember a few years ago when bloggers when mad for the NUXE lip balm, and with the inclusion of it within this NUXE Best Sellers set from Boots. Not only is it packed with 3 amazing NUXE products, but it also comes in at the purse friendly price of £20! The 50ml NUXE dry oil is around £17 on it’s on, so if you really want to try a few things from the brand then this is the perfect starting point. 
SO, what will you be treating mum to this mother’s day?