The Greggs Coffee Showdown

I love a good marketing campaign. I love a good marketing campaign even more when it involves my favourite things. One of my favourite things is coffee. I drink around 2-3 cups every day and my Dolce Gusto coffee machine soon replaced my Tefal Egg n’ Toast maker as my favourite kitchen gadget after I bought it around 2 years ago. When Greggs (the bakers, as I feel I need to say every time I say Greggs out aloud) emailed me to ask if I would like to take on their coffee challenge, obviously my reply was FUDGE YES (fudge may or may not be used here in replacement of another F word). I was excited, let’s leave it at that,

The Greggs Coffee Showdown

The idea was simple. Greggs reckon that their new coffee is so blooming marvelous that it rivals the high street big boys. So to put it to the test they sent me a selection of gifts cards so I could try my favourite coffee from establishments such as Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa; alongside of course, the Greggs gift card itself. So how did Greggs coffee compare?

(I ordered a large mocha from each coffee place, so it was a fair taste test)

Costa: Costa is probably the coffee place I go to the most. It is a combination of convenience, as there’s one on my way to work, and reliability. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad coffee from Costa. I usually go for a Mocha Latte, as I prefer the milky, but sweet taste, but in the spirit of the taste test I stuck to a Mocha throughout. For me, the mocha at Costa is a little too rich (hence opting for the latte version usually) but having it in large made the richness a little less intense. Overall the taste is smooth and nice, but I didn’t feel like I got a proper coffee taste within it and I feel like I could have just had a hot chocolate instead.

Costa Mocha Rating: 3/5

Starbucks: Starbucks is the place I will usually go if I notice a gimmicky limited edition flavour or really fancy a white chocolate mocha. Despite being laced with a million calories, the white chocolate mocha is my most ordered drink from Starbucks. It can be very hit and miss though. Quite often at the Starbucks I go to, they burn the coffee which is always a shame when you’re really looking forward to one! Once again, I had the mocha instead of the white chocolate mocha for the test and it was pleasant. A lot sweeter in taste than the Costa version and the coffee/chocolate ratio pretty bang on.

Starbucks Mocha Rating: 4/5

Greggs: The third coffee on my list (I’m writing about these in the order I had them, by the way!) is the Greggs mocha. I’ve not had a coffee from Greggs before, but I have had a lot of pasties. Mmmm. The coffee was obviously made in a slightly different way to the other places and it was a push-button machine. The coffee itself was ok, for the price. It costs about half the price of what you’d pay in a *real* coffee place and didn’t seem to be as strong, It was slightly sweet, but also had a slightly rich aroma to it too.

Greggs Mocha Rating: 3/5

Caffe Nero: I had to go to Caffe Nero last because I just don’t seem to stumble upon them very often. I must say, Caffe Nero is actually my favourite high street coffee chain. Their white chocolate mocha is leaps and bounds more delicious than the Starbucks one. However, I resisted for the taste test again and went for the mocha. The Caffe Nero mocha is the richest of the 4, but I enjoyed it the most. The taste of the coffee is just so much nicer to me.

Caffe Nero Mocha Rating: 5/5

The conclusion?

Despite Greggs not blowing me away despite the competition, when you weigh up the price and convenience against the high street coffee chains, you’re not getting a bad deal. The taste is there, the coffee is there and if I was passing on and needed a caffeine boost I would head in. However, for a treat, Caffe Nero is my bae.