W O R K S P A C E: Where I Blog

I know. It’s really, really bad that I have a full house to spread myself about in and could easily turn my spare bedroom in to some kind of blogging office/studio, yet still use my bed as my main blogging area instead. My reasoning is quite simple though. I spend Monday to Friday at a desk, at work, writing on a laptop. So when I do something which is my recreational hobby, at home, I want to do it in the most comfortable place possible. Which just so happens to be in my bed. 
Yep, I take my laptop to bed with me, crack out my iPad for some background music on Spotify and get typing. I tend to update my blog about 2-3 times per week, which makes this practice of working from my bad supposedly quite bothersome for good nights sleep. Although despite everything the internet tells me about taking technology to bad troublesome for sleep, I’ve never really had any issues drifting off. It just seems that when I get in to bed I need to do a massive brain dump somewhere, and the internet is my place to do it. When I was at college and uni I used to always have a notepad and pen by my bed so I could write down any thoughts or ideas I had when I got in to bed, but nowadays a laptop is just so much easier. And the bonus is that I can actually read what I’ve written the next day too.

I have tried to set up a desk/workspace before, but I never really stick to it. I hate sitting at a chair and having my laptop on the table when I’m writing for my blog. I like to be on my bed with my beauty bits to hand to look at when I’m writing about them. It just works better for me that way! The only distraction I tend to find is when the cat really, really wants to sit on my lap. I suppose that doesn’t get in the way when sitting at a desk on my laptop. But in bed, it can be quite the obstacle! 

Where is your best or favourite place to blog?