Race Day Outfit Planning

Victoria (from Victoria's Vintage blog) and I are going to the races next month. I don't know about you, but having never been to the races before, I am unsure what I should be browsing to actually wear, and only knowing what *people* wear from pictures in the Daily Mail every year doesn't really help! I know I'll need something quite fancy, but I want to avoid the garish  neon ball gowns and hats akin to a fair ground ride.  At it'll be in May, I'm hoping it will be quite sunny so I kind of want to go for a smart yet sunny kind of vibe. Does that even make sense?!

The SS16 Look Book from  Coast Stores seems to be ticking the boxes for what I had in mind for my classy-not-trashy race day look. But I'm still not sure how smart I should be going? I really love the first outfit! But then will I look like I'm going for a business meeting or something? The middle outfit is something I could wear again after the event so a wise investment, but then the outfit on the right is so fancy I'd quite like to be this fancy for this rather unusual occasion. Coast is always a shop I kind of forget about, but whenever I see someone wearing their stuff I absolutely love it. Their range is so feminine and light, so perfect for summer wedding season too.  I'm pretty sure I can find something there for my day at the races, but for now I will just have to continue to browse.... Decisions, decisions. 

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  1. I love the outfit on the far right, it's so nice! I could never wear it but it would just be something nice to have aha


Thanks for the comment!

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