Rituals Fortune Oil and Good Luck Scrub

Do you ever discover a skincare product which is so delicious smelling that you’re not sure whether you should be eating it or using it in the bath? That’s the exact thing which happens as soon as I smell the Good Luck Scrub from Rituals. The fresh, sweet orange scent combined with an almost earthy cedar undertone is absolutely delicious. Not only does it smell amazing, but even after the first use of this sugar body scrub, my skin felt instantly soft and supple. I find scrubs are perfect for using around my bum and thighs, as in my older age I have found the skin around those areas feels a little bit ‘tougher’ than the rest of my body lately. As soon as I use a scrub like this one, which is also packed full of softening oils, the skin seems to pull back to it’s former, softer self. Hurrah.
The Fortune Oil from Rituals doesn’t contain quite the same concentrated punch of zingy aroma, but despite that, it still smells just as amazing. Apparently using this shower oil can help to maintain your tan for longer, but with just seeing the back of winter my pasty white skin cannot comment on that nugget of product fact right now! But I can say that it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, with a nice lingering scent.
Rituals is a brand that always surprises me when I take a look at how much the products cost. The scents, ingredients and products themselves are all indicative of a high end brand, yet their products do come in at a more purse friendly price. The shower oil for example is £8.50 a bottle, yet when I was using it I could have easily mistaken it for a £20 product. Their gift sets are perfect for birthdays and christmas too, and I’ve yet to talk to someone who’s tried anything from the range and not liked it!
You can find Rituals at Beauty Expert