Are Crazy Colour Hair Dyes Any Good?

Are Crazy Colour Hair Dyes Any Good?
I’ve been dying my hair 2millions shades of red ever since I was about 15. As you may know, red is a notoriously hard colour to maintain and even 15 years later I find it a struggle to find the perfect red toner to keep it in good condition alongside keeping it vibrant. Crazy Color is a semi permanent hair dye brand which has been on my radar for many years, but until recently I’ve found it quite hard to get hold of in the UK. With rainbow colour hair being such a trend nowadays it’s great to see a wider availability of more quirky coloured dyes not only from Crazy Colour, either. You can walk in to any Superdrug and Boots now to find an array of ‘fashion’ colours on the shelves. After lusting after these ones for so long, would they live up to my dreams though?
The answer is yes, and no. The colours Burgundy, Ruby Rouge and Pinkissimo are all pretty much what you’d expect. Burgundy is an almost purple tone of red, whereas Ruby Rouge is a very true red, both of which really stain the hair and add a distinct vibrancy each time I use them. Not only that, but they also add a lovely shine to my hair which conditioners alone don’t seem to provide. For both red shades it is a definite thumbs up and the style of bottle also makes them a lot easier to use in comparison to my usual go-to red refreshers from La Riche Directions. 

Pinkissimo let me down a little bit though, I first tried these when my hair was a very light, peachy tone and I was hoping Pinkissimo would add a subtle pink hue. Nothing happened when I used it though. Like, literally nothing. No additional shine, no pink tone, nothing. The formula itself seemed more translucent than the others, which I feel added to the lack of results. If you have white, peroxide blonde hair then perhaps you would get a nice candy floss pink from this. But anything darker and you’re wasting your pennies.

Overall though, I’m pleased with the range. You can find loads of information and the entire colour range online here.