3 Over Night Miracle Workers

I'm lazy. There's no way of sugar coating that fact. I am just a bone-idle individual who likes the most outstanding results with minimum effort. No matter what it's in relation to. Make up, Baking, Cleaning... Everything. When it comes to beauty products I like things that just... work.  These 3 beauty products work and require literally no effort either. So it's 10/10 for each one of them. Want to know more about them? Read on my little lazy cherubs...

3 Over Night Miracle Workers

This Works Sleep+ Hair Elixir: When I was sent this from the team at Bath & Unwind I was immediately intrigued. At first I assumed it would be a similar product to Grow Gorgeous (which I'll go in to more detail on shortly), but when I took off the lid and it revealed a spray pump, not a pipette, I soon realised it was a completely different product altogether. This is a hydrating hair spritz that has a beautiful scent of lavender. It not only helps to protect and condition your hair over night, but the soothing scent also helps you to get a better night sleep. Good, huh?

Holika Holika Sleeping Pack Blueberry: I got this from TK Maxx a while ago and it has become a staple in my night time skincare routine. I use it every other day and it adds a lovely boost of moisture which makes my skin feel really plump and smooth in the morning. It's a light, gel-like consistency and smells absolutely divine.  They also do a Wine Sleeping Mask that I'm eyeing up for y'know, a relaxing sleep.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum: I've written about the Grow Gorgeous serum before (you can see that post here) and ever since then I've used it at night to strengthen my hair and help it to grow. It's really easy to use and I find that by putting a few drops on my finger tips and massaging it in to my scalp is the best way to apply it. I've noticed a lot more 'baby' hair sprouting over the last few months, so looks like it's working a treat!

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