Brunch at Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter

Brunch is always a good idea. Especially on a Sunday morning after you've enjoyed one too many lemonades (read: cocktails) the night before. This weekend was certainly one of excess, where a sneaky brunch after a night of drinking was much needed. But I'll cover that in another blog post soon. In this one we're strictly talking about Pen and Pencil in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. Boy do they know how to cure a hangover.

Brunch at Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter

I'd already decided the day before that I was going to go for the Steak and Eggs option for my brunch on the Sunday. I absolutely love having steak for breakfast! It feels so wrong, but tastes so right. As I wasn't sure how delicate I would be feeling I went for the simplest thing possible that I knew I would enjoy. Now, as far as brunch goes, this bad boy was certainly served up to look instagram-worthy wasn't it? Such perfect presentation! The simple combination of slightly seasoned steak with eggs, a hash brown and herby hollandaise was packed full of flavour and really hit the spot. Even though my pesky hangover did prevent me from finishing it all myself, after I'd had a majority of the dish washed down with iced water and a coffee I was back, fighting fit! 

If you're not quite in to having steak for brunch, Pen and Pencil do provide quite the range of other options; including the Avocado and Feta option. This is what my brunch date went for and just like the steak and eggs, the presentation was strong. Served on a thick, toasted bloomer, the perfectly poached eggs complimented the creamy avocado and feta effortlessly. With a hint of chilli to round out the creamy flavour, this seemed like the perfect brunch for a warmer summer day.

With prices ranging from £6 -£10 on the brunch menu, all set in a nice tucked away spot in the Northern Quarter, Pen and Pencil turned out to be a hidden treasure for a mid day pick-me-up. Service was quick and with a smile, despite my delicate state! They also served lunch alongside their brunch menu, but somehow lunch just doesn't seem as fun a meal does it? 

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  1. NQ just keeps getting better and better. That steak looks amazing xx


  2. oooh this brunch looks so yummy, I've never had steak for brunch but I would definitely love to try it! Always down for steak hahah x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. I love steak for breakfast too! It feels so weird but I just LOVE steak! This post has just made my craving to move to Manchester a million times worse!

    Claudia xx


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