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Despite specialising in Jewellery making as part of my degree, it's actually very rare that I will wear it. I'm not sure why though, as I do own quite a lot when I look in my jewellery box (which is currently just collecting dust). When Jon Richards got in touch to see if I'd like to feature the range, I knew the first thing I would look for would be some stacking rings. I'm obsessed with the idea of them! It was shortly after opening the website that I noticed these 3 tone rings and it was love at first click.

Combining the elements of a Russian Wedding Ring, which is usually three metals intertwined in to one ring; these stacking rings follow the same metal composition. With a silver, gold and copper tone making up the trio, they are delicately finished with some little faux-diamonds to add an extra touch of sparkle. 

To match the ring set, I also chose some rope/snake chain style bracelets in the same colours. I really like the fastening on these bracelets as it's a simple magnetic clip concealed inside a large bead shaped component! This makes them really easy to take off and put on, but it also a strong enough magnet to ensure they don't fall off. I often find bracelets fit way too big on my wrists too, but these are just right.

If I hadn't of seen the price of these beforehand, I would have assumed the rings alone would be at least around the £100 mark.. But the reality is that you can pick up the ring set and the bracelets together for much less than that. The bracelets and rings both cost a mere £20 for each set. 

You can find the Jon Richard Jewellery range in Debenhams stores throughout the UK,

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  1. Woah, this is such a beautiful set, I can't believe it's only £20! I'll need to pop into Debenhams soon and check out the range.

    Alana x // A Rose For Epona


Thanks for the comment!

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