Burgers and Steak at Black Dog Bowl, Manchester

Burgers and Steak at Black Dog Bowl, Manchester

Last time I featured Black Dog Bowl in Manchester, was when I had that Beer Butt Chicken (see the blog post here). Located down the 'bottom end' of Manchester, on the walk from Oxford Road round to Deansgate, Black Dog Bowl is one of those quirky places worth the walk from town. Not only are they responsible for the delectable food I am about to tell you all about, but they also have a bowling alley in the back of the restaurant/bar area.

I usually loathe bowling, as the alleys are full of snot nosed kids and stinking shoes, but Black Dog Bowl makes bowling actually... fun. With an intimate set of lanes and a bar which provides a whole host of tasty cocktails (with and without the Big Lebowski Theme) it's the perfect location to start a bangin' night out in Manchester.

Burgers and Steak at Black Dog Bowl, Manchester

So lets start with the Cocktails. To accompany our meal we probably shouldn't have gone for the milk based ones, as they can be a little filling can't they? When you're unaware of the gigantic meals you're about to receive though, this really can be put down as one of those occasions where ignorance truly is bliss. Now, forgive me for not remembering the names of these bad boys, as they're not on the main Dog Bowl website yet to jog my memory, What I can tell you though is that they were freaking delicious. The smaller glass containing a milky mix of Kahlua and Coffee with cream, whilst the larger glass was a coconut based rum beverage which made dreams come true.

Luckily, we did skip starters, as the portion sizes were generous to say the least. I don't know why this was so surprising to us? I mean, we all know deep down that ordering an 8oz steak is a good, yet filling choice on any occasion. But ordering it with a side of 'Whole Hog Fries'? Oh I really was living the dream.

Burgers and Steak at Black Dog Bowl, Manchester

The Whole Hog Fries came as a mixture of sweet potato and skin on fries, coated in cheese, bacon pulled pork and pork scratchings for an adding crunch. Jesus Christ I could have just eaten 5 bowls of these. The mixture of sweet potato and an occasional crunch within the gooey melted cheese and pulled pork was just amazing. One of those dishes that is a full on 10/10 would recommend. 

Not thinking this through, my steak did actually come with a side of fries anyway. I did try one or two so I was able to give a full review (winky face) and they were cooked to perfection. That lovely, slightly chewy skin on texture with a light seasoning. Yum. 

The main event was the steak itself though. Marinated with garlic and rosemary. this melt in your mouth meaty treat was, just... Oh words cannot describe. It was so succulent and packed full of flavour that the creamy peppercorn sauce didn't even get a look in. There's not much else I can actually say about the steak, apart from it was one of the best bits of meat I've possibly ever had. Thank you for being a part of my life, steak. It was a pleasure knowing you.

Coming back to the deliciously stacked burger up in the first image, this bad boy was listed on the menu simply as 'Steak & Bacon'. One could have not prepared for the ultimate patty party that arrived in front of us. A steak burger, wrapped in bacon with pit beans, cheese cheese and a dollop of delicious sauce made up this piece of culinary heaven. I always love when a burger is 'juicy' (if you've had the sliders at Almost Famous you'll know what I mean), and the Steak & Bacon from Black Dog Bowl was juicy AF. Amazing.

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