4 Favourite Face Base Products

Although not all of these products are a traditional primer, they are all great at prepping your skin for the day ahead. I always dislike the feeling of moisturisers and facial oils in the morning and have tried many ways to make this work in the past – often resorting to skipping any skincare in the morning completely, as my make up just wouldn’t ever ‘sit’ right. However, these bad boys solve those woes and hydrate my skin whilst acting as a great base for my face.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart: Not quite a primer, not quite a serum, kind of feels like an oil; the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart is not only a hybrid texture which helps make up to sit on your skin effortlessly, but it also has SPF 50, which makes it ideal for daily use. Due to the thinner consistency, it doesn’t feel like an SPF product at all and feels really lightweight. It’s not cheap, weighing in at around £45, but if you’re based in the hustle and bustle of a big city in the summer then you’re going to need this in your life.
Smashbox Primer Oil: I’ve been eyeing up primer oils for a while, since stumbling upon Instagram videos where American vloggers put a few drops on their beauty blender to apply their foundation. I’m still not brave enough to try that method yet, so just use the Smashbox Primer Oil as a nice, lightweight moisturiser before my actual primer. It doesn’t make your foundation last longer, so don’t be mislead by the ‘primer’ part of the name. It simply primes your skin by boosting moisture ready for the rest of your routine. Packed full of skin-loving oils it’s a nice alternative to all the other, heavier oils I have and one day I’ll try that beauty blender trick. It’s the next big thing, I’m certain of it.

Avene Hydrance Serum: I’ve been looking for a serum to add to my daily routine ever since I use my La Roche Posay one within a month. The consistency of this one is perfect and every time I use it my face is noticeably softer. Once again, the lightweight formula is great for applying when you first get up in the morning and it absorbs really quickly so doesn’t get in the way of any additional products you may want to use. The Avene range is generally really good for dry and sensitive skin, so if you’re looking for a way to soothe your skin during the day then this might be the answer you’ve been looking for.
Manuka Doctor Flawless Primer: As soon as I apply this it evens out my complexion and acts as the perfect base for my foundation. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t contain SPF so I only use it when I’m using a BB cream or foundation that contains sun protection. It does make my make up last longer and even though it contains Salicylic Acid it doesn’t dry out my skin, which is really rare! In fact, I find it really hydrating. You can pick this up for around a tenner on Amazon, which is worth a whirl if you have spotty but dry skin like mine.