Kat Von D Mini Samples from Love Me Beauty

Well, the crowd certainly has gone wild since the Kat Von D Make Up range landed in the UK hasn’t it? And I must admit, I couldn’t wait to have a gander myself. I’ve heard such good things about the foundation in particular, so if anyone has a review on that, link me below!
As I was browsing the many blog posts featuring the brand last week, I stumbled across one which caught my eye that was about these mini Kat Von D samples from Love Me Beauty. Love Me Beauty sometimes has some really nice things available, but I’ll be honest, the concept of their site still confuses me a little. I managed to work it out to buy these little cuties though, and I’m really glad I did. 
For £10 (plus £3.95 p+p) you can buy 60 credits (or a months subscription, as it describes it on the website). When you sign up for this, you can use your credits to buy the sample sized products on the site. This time there was a selection from the Kat Von D range along with some skincare products which interested me very little in comparison! Straight away I bagged the coveted Ink Liner, Studded Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick so I could see what the fuss was all about. 
As soon as I swatched the lipstick, I was AMAZED that it had rainbow-like fine glitter running through it. I first thought it was just a bog-standard nude, but it soon turned out to be anything but. I’ve tried to take a picture with and without flash to showcase it’s beauty, but it’s simply not picking up as magically as it does in real life. And the shade name? Well, to suit the experience of the glitter discovery, they’ve named is ‘Magick’.

I’ve yet to try the liquid lipstick and the liner, but if you are looking to try and true red lip shade then this looks like just the ticket. I’m just sharing them all now so you can grab them whilst they are still available from www.lovemebeauty.com!

If you do decide to give them a go, use my code TERRI171 and you’ll get some extra credits added to your account for your next sneaky sample purchase.

I really hope the next Love Me Beauty wave of samples lives up to this little haul, as its such a good way to try some hyped up products!