A Simple Salad for People Who Hate Salads

There's something about eating healthy that always sounds really boring, isn't there? Now I'm on my second season of 'clothes that fit me last year, but don't think year', I'm making a bit more of an effort to cut down on my carb intake. This can be quite hard when crisps are your best friend and you live for chippy Fridays. 

To try and jazz up my lunch break and keep away from shit cafĂ© food, I've been playing around with different salad combinations and ways to make a lunch box more exciting. My least favourite thing about salads is the leafy base. Like, seriously, does anyone have time for lettuce? I know I certainly don't. With leafy substances usually the base of a salad and also usually the worst bit, I've been using a variety of things as a base instead.

I went through a phase of using Bulgar Wheat, but by day 4 it was turning my stomach. I don't know if it the was the texture or smell, but something just meant I couldn't handle it anymore, despite really liking the taste... Another alternative I've found, and have settled on, is Quinoa. Picking up a good size bag from Home Bargains for around 79p, also makes it the cheaper option for lunch too.

Quinoa is a lot easier to prepare than you think too. A lot of people will do it on the hob and risk burning it to the bottom of the pan, or standing over it for ages. My method simply involves boiling the kettle. Pour your serving in to a mug and add double the amount of boiling water, then cover. Leave it over night and you should have something edible. 

Now to make this bad boy base in to a salad.

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pickled red cabbage, avocado and pomegranate seeds = the perfect combination. You have the healthy fats of the avo, the zing of the cabbage and the healthy goodness of your other veg involved. The pomegranate also adds a delicious tang. I also found that with this combination I didn't even need a dressing. 

...And that's how you make a simple salad, when you hate salad. 

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  1. Quinoa for 79p, WHAT?! I buy it for unholy £2 from Tescos!!!! Jesus.

  2. Oh yum! I think I'll make something similar for my lunch today! xx

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  3. Fab method for cooking quinoa! I am one of those pan-burners so I just gave up!

    Claudia xx


Thanks for the comment!

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