Colourpop First Impressions

Is it just me that thinks it’s a bit weird that American based beauty brand Colourpop is spelled with the UK version of Colour, and not the American ‘Color’? You’d think if they’re going to take our spelling they could have at least let us off the custom charges for shipping from the US, huh? But despite knowing we’d incur a charge or two, we fell for the free International Shipping and my work pal Amy and I got ourselves a little Colourpop haul. 
But is Colourpop worth the hype? Especially when customs charges can reach around the £20 mark? 

I played it a little safe with the eyeshadow colours I chose. I’m always drawn to bronze, brown or golds and Colourpop Get Lucky  and Millionaire Super Shock Shadows ticked all the boxes between them. Partnered with the Candyman Pearlised Highlighting Blush, makes for the ultimate glowy goldy look.
Both the colours and the textures of each product varied quite a bit from what I expected. I always assumed that these pots of coveted make up joy would be a powder formula. However, they’re a really dense, spongy cream-like consistency. Unlike any product I’ve really used before! I’ve found that the eye shadows apply much better by just using my finger, rather than a make up brush, whereas the Candyman can be applied better with a flat, stippling brush. Despite the creamy consistency, they don’t create an annoying crease at any point through the day and the colour remains vivid until you decide to take it off. They really are magical formulas!

My only issue with the products is that Candyman seems a lot different to the colour on the website, but taking that in mind, you can never really gain a 100% accurate view when buying any make up online.

I just can’t wait until the day that Colourpop is available in the UK. With eyeshadows costing $5 and the coveted lip creams coming in at $6, even with Brexit ruining the GBP, you’re still getting a good price for some excellent quality cosmetics. I did buy two lip products which I will feature at a later date, but I just couldn’t wait to share these bad boys first….