A Mini TK Maxx Haul Including Stationary & Beauty!

The other day I spent around 2 hours in TK Maxx and Homsense. 2 hours where I have been more content that I have been for a few months now! There’s something about the ‘jumble sale’ layout and excitement of finding hidden treasures that makes me really, really happy.
Not only are they killing it with the stationary section, but their beauty stands also seem to be consistently amazing lately. Especially if you like slightly rarer and Korean beauty products. Not only that, but they’ve also had some NARS and Too Faced products on the shelves lately too. Which makes it a haven for high end tastes with a high street budget.
Okay, we know the stands can often be a little messy, but I find that’s all part of the fun! For example, the Tarina Taratino concealer wouldn’t be mine now, if I hadn’t got my hands dirty and rummaged in the slightly unsavoury looking discounted section. For £3, it’s the perfect illuminating pink shade of concealer which brightens up the entire under eye area. If you’re not aware of who Tarina Tarantino is, she basically designed a load of super cute Hello Kitty Jewellery a few years ago and  has now taken her love of pink through to the world of cosmetics.

Once product I was so excited to buy was the ‘Too Cool For School’ lunchbox foundation. I’ve eyed this up on eBay China so many times! I couldn’t find it for lower than £15 though and there’s always the risk that it won’t be authentic.
This little tub contains not only a BB cream foundation, but also a creamy concealer and highlighter, making it perfect for your on the go make up swag. The shade is slightly cool toned for me, but looks fine once all my other make up is on and blends in really well.

I was also really pleased to find my new 2017 diary in the form of this Tinne-Mia one. A brand I’ve never heard of before, but have quickly become a fan of. Not only is this diary and notebook, by the same brand, really lovely in appearance, but they are also so useful.
The diary has three mini books inside, with two being the actual diary with week to view pages. The final book is a note pad with different handy sections in. This only set me back £3.99, which is a bargain for a diary of any brand! The notebook was just as useful, as it has nice big pages, with one side containing lines and the other a blank section. There’s nothing that annoys me more than a fully lined notebook. 
Alongside my own little haul, I also got a few presents ticked off the list for family members, which made the 2 hour mooch around very successful. I must urge you to head to your local TK Maxx if you’re on the hunt for essentials and presents. They’re killing it lately.