A Wonderful Wedgwood Christmas Tale

A Wonderful Wedgwood Christmas Tale

Stoke on Trent has many hidden treasures, but none quite as magical as what I experienced at the World of Wedgwood in Barlaston recently. Tucked away, near the Trentham Estate, you can simply skip up a street or two and uncover the magic of the Wedgwood Museum; alongside a plethora of other amazing treats to see and do in the same place.

For those not familiar with Wedgwood, it is one of (if not, the) most treasured parts of the The Potteries rich history. Founded by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759, this independent potter from the small town of Burslem, developed three of the most famous ceramic bodies in the world. Renowned over the globe Queen’s Ware, Black Basalt and Jasper were all created by Josiah Wedgwood and all maintain their desirability to this day. The most iconic of the collections is Jasper ware, which is where the iconic Wedgwood Blue colour shade hails from. You’ll often find the base of the blue ceramic holding an intricate design in a contrasting white.

But I digress, let’s get back to that Wonderful Wedgwood Christmas Tale…
Having recently taken on a team of industry renowned specialists, including Ulrik Garde Due, who has a background with both Burberry and Celine(!), Wedgwood has been re-launched to truly tell the story of the brand. Bringing in the extensive history and intertwining it in to the modern day, the experience, which has been specially developed for Christmas, takes you through the story of Mr Chisholm and some pesky cats.

We all know I love cats, but that’s not what made it exciting. It was the amazing way that the story had been though through from start to finish. Every detail has been thought about, from the story itself providing reading material on the way around; through to the festive dining table which even has a name card for Walter the Cat.

As you walk around the factory, gift shop, tea rooms and museum, you can spot the Christmas tale in action. Spot the cats as you walk around through the seasonal displays, to find yourself ending up the in the absolutely astonishing tea rooms.

Honestly, I still cannot get over how beautiful the tea room actually is. It’s like something you’d find in an infamous London restaurant for Afternoon Tea. All complete with the Wedgwood crockery to eat the delicious selection of sandwiches,scones and cakes off. The seasonal selection also included possibly the greatest mind pie I have ever tasted. With a pastry case, tea soaked mince filling and delicious cream on the top, we also enjoyed pairing it with the speciality Wedgwood teas.

The Afternoon Tea also remains true to the original style, where you can enjoy refills of both drinks and food whenever you run out of the goodness.

After enjoying our food, this acted as a great refuel for the next element of our trip – throwing our own pot!  A skill I never managed to master when I was at uni doing a degree in 3D Design (which involved a lot of ceramics, whoops). This usually costs between £5 and £10 and you are aided throughout the process to create a pot in whatever shape you like.

During the Christmas period, there’s also the opportunity to make your own decorations in the mini workshop. Perfect for customising as a gift!

All in all, the entire Wedgwood Visitor Centre is an experience which was completely unexpected for me. I’ve lived in this city my entire life and never been, just expecting it to be like all the other factory shops and pottery workshops we have strewn throughout the city. It turns out I was completely wrong though.

The Wedgwood Christmas Tale is on until the 23rd of December and I would thoroughly recommend going, especially with kids. You can go around, reading the story and spotting all of Mr Chisholms cats! There’s also a factory shop to finish off your Christmas shopping on the sly.

Afternoon Tea costs £25 per head, which is an average price for such a treat. You can actually grab a gift voucher on the Wedgwood website where you can enjoy Afternoon Tea for Two alongside free annual entry to the museum, a factory tour and a tea tasting session for £49. You can find more information about that here.