Feeling Supersonic, Give Me Gin and Tonic

With Oasis and the 90’s making some kind of come back, it almost feels like a juxtaposition of interests when Gin seems to be the ‘it’ drink of the moment. Back in the 90’s, in the indie hey-day, you’d find people would much rather grab a Hooch or MD 20/20 over a Gin and Tonic…. That didn’t prevent Oasis weaving the beverage in to their lyrics though, did it?

A Child of the 90’s

It’s safe to say I am a true 90’s child. From turning 5 in 1990 and being the ripe ol’ age of 15 by the time the decade ended. The 90’s still hold vivid memories for me and turning points in my life. The Spice Girls, Eurotrash, Smash Hits Magazine and a time before the internet, where children had to play outside until their mum yelled their name for teatime so they’d have to come in from building forts in the field; the 90’s were the last years of true childhood. 
Top of the Pops was the way to spend your Friday night and in 1995 there was the classic Blur vs Oasis rivalry which dominated the news world. Since then, Blur appeared to have moved on with Cheese making and spin off projects such as the Gorillaz (who are rumoured to also be releasing a new album in the coming months). Yet Oasis are still somehow jumping the shark, with Liam still being endlessly bitter in the media with regards to his brother Noel. 
Recently ‘Supersonic’ came out as a documentary film to showcase the life and times of Oasis and providing an in-depth look behind the scenes of what some still call the greatest band to come out of Manchester. 
With all this talk of the 90’s coming back, we’re not limited to just the music and docu-films though. 90’s fashion has been slowly but surely creeping its way back on to the scene over the last 2 years or so. This year we’ve seen slinky slip dresses, layered under T Shirts a lá Courtney Love back on the in-store mannequins, alongside somewhat of a Bucket Hat revival at the recent Brit Project Gig I attended a few weeks ago, Brit Project featured a few comeback shows from Primal Scream, Badly Drawn Boy, and my personal favourite Black Grape. 

So what are the key pieces you need to fully embody the 90’s vibes in 2016?

Most 90’s fashion can apply to both males and females, with the gender neutral shapes and simple fabrics. Here are the 3 key pieces you need to make the most of the essence of the 90s through to the end of 2016 and beyond:
What better way to stay warm and stylish in the winter?
Whether you’re after one with a fur hood to take on the colder weather in full force, or a simple lightweight parka to see you through the transition from warmer times, the parka coat is not only the perfect way to subtly channel the 90s, but it’s also pretty darn practical too.
Bucket Hats
Because they have to make a come back at some point surely?
I’ve seen many people trying to make bucket hats happen around Manchester, but will this spread UK wide at any point? I think they will eventually, perhaps next summer, but if you you want to try it out then what better time than hat season. Even if you feel a little silly you’ll at least be a bit warmer!
Fred Perry Everything
The classics never go out of style.
To me, Fred Perry was never just a 90’s thing, but when you google 90’s clothes an abundance of Fred Perry polo shirts come up in the image results. I’ve always been a fan and if you can’t quite stretch to the real Fred Perry, you might want to check out Penguin clothes as they’re slightly similar but a bit more styled.
 Viva the 90’s!