The Botanist, Birmingham

The Botanist, Birmingham

Over the last few weeks it feels like I have eaten out more times than I have in the last year! There's something about darker nights and colder days which just make me want hearty, warm meals out, rather than a sad salad or cold sandwich on the go or at home.

This week Tereza and I visited The Botanist in Birmingham. I'd never been before, but Tereza had been a few times and assured me that the drinks were very tasty (well, her actual words were 'I've only ever been when I've got drunk' - but we'll bypass that review for now).

The Botanist, Birmingham

The weather was so, so chilly this weekend. It was like I'd forgotten what winter actually felt like. After using the temperature as an excuse to buy a new coat from Primark, I also used it as an excuse to order the most belly-warming things I could from the menu at The Botanist.

For starters I went something which is so deliciously different for me, which came in the form of baked Camembert...  I've only ever had baked camembert once before, and something was really drawing it to me on the menu. It came complete with bread, apple slices and a satisfyingly crispy topping which made it extra delicious. I really enjoyed the apple and cheese combination more than the bread, but that's not insinuating the bread was in any way bad. I just loved the crisp sweetness of the apple against the warm gooeyness of the cheese. Delicious.

For my main course, the home comforts continued. I would usually never order a pie when out for a meal, but something about the steak and stout just screamed at me from the menu. It was at this point that I also realised the menu was fairly similar to that of the regular Oast House menu,  that I went to try out the other week. 

With a range of hanging kebabs, hearty favourites and the selection of delicious pies on the menu, it certainly wasn't a bad thing that the two menus were almost the same. After looking in to it, it does appear that both establishments are run by the same company. 

This is why choosing dessert was pretty straight forward...

Just like at The Oast House, I chose the warm cookie dough with salted caramel ice cream. As mentioned throughout this blog post, I was really in to my winter warmers that day and this was the ultimate belly warmer. Gooey cookie dough, which boarded on the edge of sickly, but not sickly enough for you to not wolf down... This little beauty has quickly become my favourite dessert of 2016. Washed down with a creamy latte and I was set to hit the outside chill again. 

Not only do The Botanist have some delicious dishes on the menu, but they also have an extensive collection of craft beers and cocktails to choose from. As I was driving I played it safe with a Cucumber and Rosemary cooler, which was the perfectly refreshing alternative to the rather filling foods I tucked away during my visit.

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