Answers to the 10 Most Googled Beauty Questions 2016

Answers to the 10 Most Googled Beauty Questions 2016

Being a beauty blogger I, of course, know all of the answers to every beauty question ever *scoff*… In 2016 it is safe to say that people are turning more and more to the internet to get their beauty questions answered. Google have highlighted this by compiling their top 10 questions asked during the year. From Balayage to Brows, you asked it and no doubt a beauty blog somewhere answered it.

1. How To Make Hair Grow Faster?

If I knew the answer to this I wouldn’t have someone else’s hair permanently attached to my head 24/7, would I? As creepy as that sounds, it is actually extensions attached with micro rings. My hair just does not seem to grow past shoulder length, however, I can direct you to this blog post,  where I have found some little tricks to help it grow a little healthier (if not longer) than usual. My main tip is to exercise more. For some reason, whenever I go to the gym my hair has a growth spurt and I have to dye my roots a lot quicker than when I’m being lazy.

2. How to Remove Gel Nails

Well I don’t bloody know? Go back to where you had them done. But for the love of Christ don’t just ‘grow’ them out because that looks goppin’.

3. How to Clean Make Up Brushes?

It’s important to clean your brushes regularly and I like to just use my face wash to be honest. The oil cleansers work well too. However, you can also use baby shampoo, normal shampoo, cat shampoo, fairy bloody liquid if you like. I’ve also been know to just throw my old ones away and buy new ones, but that’s just how punk rock I am I guess.

4. How to Curl Hair?

Seriously, these are 2016’s most Googled? Right, first up, get some curling tongues. You can use straighteners too. There’s actually a shed load of ways to curl your hair actually. I like to do this no heat method  the best, but I also use my straighteners to create this look.  The best tip for curling hair isn’t how to make it curly but more how to keep the curls once you have them. After years of using strong hold hairspray and losing my curls after an hour, I’ve found light hold hair spray is much better as it doesn’t weigh my hair down and drop the curls out.

5. How to Shape Eyebrows.

This one kind of depends on your face shape. If you follow the simple method below (courtesy of Paul & Joe) you will be on to a winner when it comes to brow shaping. You could, however, not pay attention to this and end up looking like a sad clown, like I have for a majority of 2016 by just drawing my eyebrows on like I was tracing around a cup.

6. How to Apply Concealer?

With your bloody finger. Dab dab dab dab dab….

Make sure you work in in a triangular shape on those eye bags though, otherwise you end up looking permanently startled with a bright white circular shape under each eye. Another Terri Lowe beauty mistake from this year. You can also get these dead good mini sponges from W7 or Make Up Revolution which are just the right size for those under eye areas. I like using them and then getting some powder to make sure it doesn’t all creep into those crinkly wrinkles.

7. How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes?

Get some bloody sleep. Failing that, get some concealer.

8. How to do a Fishtail Braid?

Apparently I’ll do one when I’m dead because I’ll be bloody damned if I can do one whilst I’m still breathing. It’s easy they say, anyone can do it they say. I call bullshit.

9. How to Fill in Eyebrows

I’ve already mentioned I’m quite bad at brows, so if mine are anything to go by you’ll be filling them in with cat crap. However, I do opt for the powder and small angled brush method, as it does get in to all the little chunks that are missing when you over plucked as a 17yr old. I them use a bit of Benefit Brow Zings to make them look natural. (As natural as two powdery slugs on your face can look, mind).

10. What is Balayage?

Another bullshit name for Ombre/Dip Dye. But apparently more subtle (read; bigger waste of time paying the hairdresser more to do).