2016: Was it all that Bad?

I’m not one to put overly personal things on the internet. And I won’t. There are some things I’ll happily talk about, which people would deem as fairly personal, but really – there’s 90% of things that go on that only my closest know about. Saying that, I can tell you that 80% of 2016 was just a bit shit. But equally, from the sour came some sweet and overall it wasn’t that bad really.

So what happened?

Well, we began the year with Bowie dying didn’t we? Which probably set the tone for the 12 months ahead of us. There have been multiple celebrity deaths. But is someone dying really that bad? Let’s put it in to context; Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Prince – they all led pretty fucking amazing lives. George Michael had a bit of a shitter, but really, if he wasn’t having such a bloody brilliant time, the press wouldn’t have had anything to write about him. When it comes to these deaths it doesn’t sadden me. It just makes me think ‘hey guys, you actually did what you loved and you lived till a great age’ and if I achieve half the things they do I’d die happy.
This year I convinced myself that I had cancer x 4 times, was going blind x 1 and had a brain tumor x 2 times. When you reach 30+ you tend to over exaggerate any little medical thing you possibly can. I’ve been to the doctors and hospital more times in 2016 than I have in my entire life. It wasn’t exactly an ace experience either. I wrote about having my boobs scanned here, which I can categorically say was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever been through. But hey, I haven’t been through very much. So once again, gotta take the sweet with the sour. Especially when you’re just riddled with cysts and not actually going to die. I’ve still got a lump under my arm pit which I occasionally freak out about – but I’m assured it’s nothing *shrug*
In 2016 I went to more festivals than ever but also had more intense hangovers than ever. Life can be such a balancing act can’t it? As soon as you’re over 25 say goodbye to hangover free days. The struggle is real. Festival season this year was the greatest I’ve experience to date, and I’ve been going to festivals for nearly 10 years now on a regular basis. You can catch all the music based blog posts here and I really need to write about music more regularly in 2017.
Towards the end of 2016 I actually felt like my life had completely fallen apart. I think people were genuinely concerned about me because I was just so fucking sad all the time. And with good reason. The job I loved, with the people I loved, had ended. You know when you finally feel settled in life after a few shit months and then something comes along and pulls the rug from right underneath your feet? That was exactly what happened. But the less said about it, the better. 3 weeks of crying about it and job searching later and I landed a new job at a place I’d admired for YEARS previously. I’m still adjusting to it all, with new people and a new commute every day, but after being there for a month now, I’m more settled and feeling like I’m fitting in a bit more. It’s really weird being 31 and feeling like you’re starting again. My confidence in my ability was really knocked, but you know what? I’m fucking ace at what I do. I’m really glad that the two jobs I was offered in this time (at two amazing companies) recognised that and I’m building it all back up again. 
In September I also welcomed a new addition to mine and Kitty’s life in the form of Stevie. A little mackerel tabby cat, with the fluffiest fur and the sharpest teeth in town. You can meet him on YouTube here. Speaking of YouTube, I gave it a go for a bit and I think I’ll actually make an effort to do it more in 2017. I just need to do more things to film! 
So really, 2016 has been a mixed bag. As cheesy as it sounds I actually feel like a stronger person through all of it and actually, I can do more than I realised I ever could. 2017 is going to be a great year. I’m finally saving for a house, I’m going to go on holiday and I’m going to spend more time concentrating on me. I’m going to spend more time with friends, more time getting drunk and more time dancing. Because I’m the most important person in my life and drinking and dancing are totally my jam.