A Full Facial Skincare Routine with Hylamide

A Full Facial Skincare Routine with Hylamide

A Full Facial Skincare Routine with Hylamide

I absolutely LOVE the Deciem brands. They have several under their umbrella, including NIOD, Ab Crew, Hair is Fabric and the one I’m featuring today – Hylamide. 
The reason I love Deciem is two fold:
1: I know they price their products by the ingredients within them. Making sure you get the best value for money and no additional charges for fancy packaging. Hence why some of their brands are SO affordable in comparison to competitors with similar products and claims.
2: Their DGAF approach to marketing and their brand tone of voice appeals to me, as it’s simply…. simple. There’s no bullshit, or pretending something is what it isn’t to make sales. There’s a human approach and an honest approach. Which makes me happy as a customer.
On Black Friday they had some Barry Bonanza Mega Deals on bundles of their ranges. I’ve wanted to try a few things from Hylamide for a while and with half of them being in the bundle it would have been stupid not to invest.
For £39 I bagged a full facial skincare routine. This is only £10 more than the Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum itself!

What makes Hylamide so special though?

Each Hylamide product falls in to a category. There’s the Core Series, the Booster Series and the Finishing Series. Showcasing a clear example of Deciem’s no bull approach! Each ‘Series’ is self explanatory really. Your Core products are the base for your skincare routine, with the Booster series enhancing your regime. The Finisher Series is the more for day use and enhancing your complexion like a make up product would.
Four out of the five products I got in my Black Friday bundle were from the Core Series and take my daily routine from start to finish.

Beginning with the Hylamide High Efficiency Facial Cleaner, this oil-like liquid removes your make up like a cleansing oil would. You can apply it to your face either wet or dry, but I opt for applying it on to dry skin, as it helps to remove my make up that little bit better. Once you add water to the formula it turns in to a milky colour and you rinse off to reveal a clean, cleansed complexion. 

Follow this with the Hylamide Hydra Density Mist, this will bolster your additional skincare products, whilst also soothing and hydrating your skin after you’ve cleansed it. I’ve tried a few facial mists in the past, and the Jurlique Rose Water one was my previous favourite. However, this one has quickly taken over and it instantly makes my face feel really fresh!

Once the mist has soaked in a little bit, I then go on to use the Hylamide SubQ Anti Age Serum, which contains Hyaluronic Acid – an ingredient which is amazing for dry skin. Over the past few weeks, a combination of not drinking enough water and the cold weather has really dried my skin out. Since using this every day for the last two weeks I’ve deifnitely seen an improvement. Hyaluronic Acid is great for anyone with dry skin as it apparently clings on to 5x as much moisture as a water molecule so really helps to hydrate your complexion.

Finally, the product I bought the bundle for in the first place, I use the SubQ Eye Serum to finish off. This high strength serum helps to ease dark circles around the eye area, which is something  I definitely need now I have a lengthy commute to work every day. I simply dab a little bit on and around each eye and that’s it. My Hylamide based routine is done!