The Alternative Festive Drink

When it comes to season’s eatings… Or to be more precise, drinkings, people do tend to love everything mulled and warm don’t they? Yes, the weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t meant that a milkshake can’t still be delightful.
Just before my birthday I was sent an absolutely amazing surprise parcel from the guys over at yoomoo; who packed it full of the sweetest pink swag. Personalised silky PJ’s, cute sundae glasses and a shed load of sweets. I mean, what was there not to love about it all? 
Then a few days later they sent me more yoomoo frozen yoghurt than I could shake an ice cream spoon at. 

With so much frozen yoghurt and so little time, I had to come up with a way to get it in to my belly without being vanillary overload. 
So what better thing to do than add alcohol to it?

Yep. Alcohol. In the form of the absolutely delectable Chocolate Orange Cream Liquor from Marks and Spencers.
Simply add 2 or 3 measures to some chilled milk and mix together. Add ice if you’re feeling extra fancy. Hell, even whack it in a blender! When it’s combined add a generous few blobs of Vanilla yoomoo to the top, as you would cream, and pop your straw in. Finish with a few sprinkles and you have the perfect boozy milkshake.
Want to make it slightly more boozy? Why not add a splash of Vodka too.
But maybe save it until the evening or a weekend if you’re trying that one…

It’s kind of like a festive twist on a White Russian cocktail.
If you want to thicken it up even more, then blend the yoomoo into the drink, but I like it sitting on top so you can make it look all pretty with some sprinkles. But that’s just me. They do say you eat with your eyes after all.
Or alternatively, you can just eat the yoomoo on it’s own, as it’s pretty damn delicious and nowhere near as many calories or fat as regular ice cream. 

Thanks yoomoo for sending me such a beautiful parcel!

Cheers to boozy milkshakes!