The Night Before Christmas with DFS

Christmas time is all about spending time with your family and spending hours arguing about ridiculous things. Our token ‘discussion’ around the Christmas table is usually the undercooked carrots and this year it seems my dad is set on making sure *his* choice of wine is the one we all drink with Christmas dinner. Apparently he’s been having a bottle a night for ‘research’ purposes…

Luckily, our family is fairly small, so when it comes to Christmas day there’s not too much overcrowding in the house. Which is where I suppose, the DFS campaign to talk about how overcrowded Christmas can be, falls flat with me personally.
However, the task isn’t just to write about an overcrowded Christmas. They’re also encouraging people to share their most uncomfortable Christmas too… Which I certainly had one year when I first started Uni.
I hadn’t been gone long before my parents decided that my old room would become a dressing room. And with this came the disposal of my actual bed. Being quiet naive, I didn’t realise how much beds actually cost, so kicked off something rotten to find out they’d bought me an air bed. 

As all students will know, heading home to your bed after a few weeks in halls is luxury at it’s finest. But when it’s an airbed, you’re clutching at straws. After one night they start to deflate and I won’t even begin to describe how the rhythmatic noise of the bed pump to re-inflate triggers my Misophonia

I now despise air beds so much I wont even go near one, even at a festival… 
Needless to say, things are much more comfortable nowadays and I actually spend all of Christmas in my own luxurious bed and go to my parents house in the morning… And the only uncomfortable thing I experience is the sound of people eating when I’m there.

Staying at my own house doesn’t garauntee a full nights sleep though, especially with Stevie now in the picture. Every morning at 5am it’s like clockwork, when he comes and literally sits on my head until I wake up. 

How will you be spending your Christmas? 
*This post is in conjunction with DFS but all thoughts are my own Visit their website to find out more about their great range of DFS Sofas