Beauty Blog: 3 Uses for Pixi Glow Mist

If you read beauty blogs, then you will have no doubt heard all about Pixi Glow Tonic. Refreshing your skin over night and revealing a bright, glowing complexion by morning, Glow Tonic quickly obtained its cult status and remained high up on all beauty lust lists since.

I've had Pixi Glow Mist for a while and use it fairly often, but it wasn't until recently that I realised just how versatile it is. In fact, out of all the Pixi products I've seen around the blogsophere, this is probably the one I seen the least about. 

Containing a mix of nourishing oils, soothing Aloe Vera and fruit extracts; Pixi Glow Mist is an ultra light mist that also veils your skin to keep daily pollutants at bay as well.

But what else can it do? Here are 3 ways you can use Pixi Glow Mist in your daily routine...

A Primer for Make Up or Skincare

Following the concept of a water essence, you can use Pixi Glow Mist after you have cleansed your skin to ensure that any serums or moisturisers applied afterwards are absorbed fully. Simply spritz 2-3 pumps all over your face and feel instantly refreshed, then before it dries fully apply the remainder of your skincare routine. In the mornings you can also use Pixi Glow Mist to prime your skin ready for make up. Some days I find that moisturiser is a little too heavy, depending which foundation I use, so the Glow Mist is a great alternative to add hydration before I apply my primers and potions to face the day ahead.

To Prep Your Sponge for Foundation

Have you ever seen those Instagram videos where American beauty bloggers are putting drops of oil on their beauty blender before use? I have. And I've been a little too scared to try an actual oil. Pixi Glow Mist wasn't quite as scary though and now I've tried it, it's amazing. Just one or two spritzes is enough to coat the top layer of the sponge, then you use as usual. This work amazingly for matte finish/heavy coverage foundations that can tend to go a little cakey, as it helps to blend them out flawlessly. It's a game changer. Try it. 

It's worth noting that on first 'swipe' with this, it almost slides over the top of the foundation, but work it in with a few gentle buffs and it works. Trust me.

As a Finishing Spray

Not only is Pixi Glow Mist great for using to finish your make up, but it's great as a finishing spray for, well, everywhere. I've spritzed it all round, from my hair to my collar bones and it adds a lovely dewy, without looking greasy, finish. If you find your make up does start to look cakey, because you skipped the beauty blender technique above, then this also works well for diffusing those gunked up areas and adding a nice, dewy glow.

Do you have any more uses for this all-in-one spritzing sensation? 

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