5 Ways to Make The First Day Back at Work Slightly Better

After having a much needed rest over the festive period, it’s time for the UK to sigh a communal sigh and set those alarm clocks for the morning. Mine will be beeping in my ears at 6am, ready to drive to the train station, get the train, then walk for 15 minutes through Manchester City Centre. Commuting isn’t as bad as you think it is though. Here are 5 ways to make that first day back a little bit better – especially if you’re stuck on a train for 45 minutes.

Download Something Good on iPlayer

Last time I actively used public transport, mini disc players were a thing. Now we have the luxury of actually watching things with our eyes and it’s changing my life. I rarely watch anything on the TV at home. Apart from Hollyoaks, but that’s just my guilty pleasure. Anyway, Planet Earth or a good music documentary on iPlayer is consistently putting me in a great mood every day. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to watching the first episode of Series 3 of Uncle. The first two series made me lol a lot.

Prepare the Night Before

Choose your outfit (go for comfort for that first day in after a week of Christmas eating), pack your bag and prepare everything you need to take with you. I’ve got my laptop bag by my keys to ensure I don’t forget anything important! All my gadgets are charged and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, making sure the morning isn’t a massive rush or panic to get everything sorted before my train.

Treat Yourself to a Nice Coffee

In the past I always saved Friday’s for my weekly ‘treat’ – but why do that? Friday is a good enough day already. It’s the Monday (or in this case, Tuesday) that you need something to look forward to. I’ll be having a beautiful Coffee Cocktail from Mangobean in Manchester. My new favourite coffee place, that I’ve missed ever so mucbh during my time off!

Have a Brisk Walk!

I have no choice in this one, but if I was to take the bus or still drive in to work then a new habit I would definitely continue is to make sure I WALK! Get off a stop early or park in the furthest space away. I’m always so much more awake and in such a better mood once I’ve got off the train and walked down to the office. I genuinely believe it sets you up for the day now I’ve been doing it myself. 

Plan a Post-First Day Back Pamper Night

Not like you need an excuse, but nip out on your lunch break and buy a nice face mask and bath bomb ready to congratulate yourself after a long first day back. If you don’t get in until around 7pm, like me, the last thing you want to do it go the gym or do household chores. Just concentrate on all the relaxing you’re going to do and wake up even more revived the morning after.

Do you have any other tips to make that first day back a little less painful?