5 Things to Watch on Netflix This Month

I’ve been considering cancelling my Netflix subscription for a while now, but every time I go to cancel it I get sucked in to yet another series. With so much time off over Christmas and watching at least one episode of something before I go to sleep each night, it’s probably best that I never cancelled it anyway. Having been through about 80% of the stuff on there (and absolutely hating Stranger Things, so don’t worry it doesn’t even get a look in on this list), there’s a few things I keep watching over again, alongside some new additions to my viewing list.

Here at my top 5 things to watch on Netflix this January.

I’m Alan Partridge

The amount of times I’ve referenced the ‘ Dan, Dan, Dan, DAN, DAN DAN!DAN!DAN!’ moment and people don’t get it. Is Partridge really that old? I never thought so. If you’ve not experienced the awkward joys of Cock Piss Partridge, then I can only assume you’ve never had a TV, or the Internet, or in fact, eyes and ears. 

F is for Family

Okay, we know Vince Vaughn hasn’t been funny for quite some time, but he’s redeemed himself slightly with F is for Family over on Netflix. Set in the 70’s, this follows a ‘regular’ family, who reside in the suburbs of Pennsylvania. If, like me, you find yourself enjoying most of the Netflix Original Series, then you should enjoy this animated sitcom. 

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23

My new ‘last lol before bed’ program, I must have watch Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 around 5 times over in the last few months. The dysfunctional relationship between small town girl June and her New York room mate, Chloe. I always like watching things I don’t have to think about before I go to sleep and Chloe’s dry humour and mean streak helps me relax every time… But that probably says a lot about me, eh.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

I watched this entire series in about a day recently. Starring Elijah Wood (who just so happens to be in my favourite film, ever ‘Everything is Illuminated’), this follows some weird time travelling, detective, surreal shit where there’s something about a kitten that ends up being a shark with a shed load of absolutely mental shit in-between. Watch it. 

Every Louis Theroux Show (you can find)

Like this suggestion even needs justifying….

What are you watching on Netflix this month? I need more suggestions now I’ve polished these 5 off.