How To Blog: Transform a Bisque Fired Bowl

Just before Christmas I visited one of Stoke’s best hidden treasures: Wedgwood in Barlaston. Experiencing not only their Wonderful Winter Tale and a lovely afternoon tea, I also got to do some hands on crafty goodness in their factory itself. We decorated a plate and also had the chance to throw our own pot.
The other day I finally received the un-glazed pot in the post. With a simple bisque firing, I loved the overall shape of the pot, but it needed something a little more to really make it fit in on my shelves among all the existing clutter objects.
I had an idea in my head that I wanted to give it a gold edge with some baby blue drips for contrast. However, once I applied a layer of gold nail varnish from Essence around the rim and it accidentally ran down, I decided that less was more… Leaving it to dry I couldn’t be happier with the result.
When I did my Crafts Degree (yes, that is a real thing!), I used to use Nail Varnish and Car Spray paint all the time for quick fixes on metal and ceramic objects. It was so much quicker than glazing and depending on the function of the piece, made little difference to the outcome or wearability. If you have any little trinket pots or accessories you want to make a quick transformation of, look no further than your nail polish collection!