Fashion Blog: Is Having No Personal Style a Personal Style?

At the age of 31 I can confess – I have no personal style. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts flying around lately about people much younger than myself finding their personal style, and I must say I really do envy them.

When it comes to clothes shopping, I go for, well, anything really. If it’s a fabric I like, or a texture I like, I’ll look at it. If it’s a price I like I’ll probably buy it. Some of my best clothing buys have been bargains which have become my most worn and complimented items.
Take the outfit in the picture for example. Nothing in it cost more than £25 and every time I wear this jacket someone asks where it’s from. The cat shirt goes down an absolute storm too. This outfit is what I’d best describe as my ‘weekend uniform’ – It’s comfortable, it’s pseudo stylish and it’s practical. Can these points contribute to what is my personal style? Probably.
Due to my rather prominent pear shape, I simply can’t wear a lot of clothing that I wish I could. For years I couldn’t find trousers that fit me properly, until I discovered these coated jeans from Primark. The stretchiest material with a leather-esque finish, complete with a high waist, make these the most comfortable trousers I own. If I could wear them daily I would. 
Despite being so comfortable though, I still ‘have’ to wear longer tops and shirts with them, As my butt and body shape just isn’t made for tight fitting trousers and tops as part of the same combo. I can get away with tight dresses if they cut off at just the right length on my bum, but unless I’m on a night out, it’s not a look I’d go for in the day time.
Nowadays I always opt for plain patterns and colours over quirky prints (excluding the shirt in these images because ffs just look at it) and collared dresses. There was a time a few years ago when it would be rare to see me without a dolly dress on. But being older now and still looking younger, I’m fully aware that this just doesn’t work unless I do want to get on the bus for a child fare. 
Even though I don’t play by the ‘style rules’ I do have my own style rules I subliminally shop by:
  • Always give a cold shoulder top or dress a chance
  • Body con doesn’t work unless it’s super short and don’t even think about a pencil skirt
  • 80% of cuts on the high street won’t fit properly
  • 3/4 length garments are always flattering with the right shoes
  • Don’t go for bright, bold patterns or dolly collar dresses
  • If it’s comfortable, wear it.
So, despite not having a personal style, I kind of have… personal style. I guess.

Pictures by GingerGirlSays