Unconventional Beauty Products to Try This Season

Like many other beauty blogs, I love anything that is innovative, exciting and just a bit different in the beauty world. Whilst perusing my bathroom cabinet,  I noticed that I have quite the penchant for collecting slightly unconventional products that steer from the norm of the standard formula’s you see on the UK high street shelves. 
Predominantly in the skincare world, there is a constant need for innovation from the brands and media to keep up to date with the latest formula and ingredient trends. Here are some products you may not have seen before, but have quickly become firm favourites of mine since I discovered them!

DHC Powder Face Wash

To be honest, this is the first powder face wash I’ve ever seen. Coming from  Korean Japanese beauty brand DHC (who are well known for their cleansing oil), this powder wash is simple to use and leaves your skin feeling really fresh and revived with each use. You simply pop a little bit of powder on your finger tips and combine with water to make a paste. Massage on to your skin and rinse off. Coming in at under £10 per bottle, this not only gently exfoliates, but also contains lavender to soothe alongside moisturising honey and sodium hyaluronate. 

Blithe Patting Splash Mask

There’s been a lot of talk in the beauty world of late, around the benefits of using waters and toners as part of your skincare routine to bolster the results of your regular skincare. I covered the Jurlique Water Essence a few weeks ago and the Blithe Patting Splash Mask is almost similar in concept. Mixing a cap full of the liquid with water, you simply keep splashing your face until it becomes damp (taking away the wetness with a patting motion). Rather than drying your face, applying your serums and creams on damp skin to ensure they are absorbed effortlessly. Use in place of a face mask twice a week and your skin is good to glow in no time.

W7 Make Up Remover Cloth

Honestly, when I bought a make up remover cloth I fully expected it to be crap. I didn’t think any make up would be removed and I’d end up just having to use face wash anyway.

How wrong was I? I was more blown away than when I realised Jerome (from Robson and Jerome) was in Game of Thrones.

You simply wet the cloth under warm water and rub your face. This bad boy removes everything, including mascara and black eyeliner, meaning it not only stops you having to get water everywhere when cleansing your face, but also saves money in the long run. The W7 version sets you back under a fiver and you can wash it in the washing machine (or hand wash) to keep it fresh!

Temple Spa The Big Reveal 

Glycolic Acid has been big news ever since Alpha H and Pixi Glow Tonic came on to the scene. This version from Temple Spa is slightly different, as you don’t apply it as an overnight treatment, but more of a mask. Well, I say mask, but it’s not even that. You apply a few squirts to your face and rub it around until little bits develop, a bit like PVA glue. This removes all dead skin cells, unblocks pores and reveals a fresh complexion within minutes. Use before bed as the first step after cleansing seems to produce the best results for me and the next day my skin feels much fresher.