5 Reasons to Choose Bomb Cosmetics

I’ve been a massive fan of Bomb Cosmetics for many years now. First discovering the brand around 5 years ago, I always treat myself to their bath bombs once a month. They’re that little treat that goes a long way when you’re working such long hours all the time. It’s not just bath bombs though, they do a range of products from candles to body butters. I know a lot of people are loyal to their Lush bath bombs, however, they just flare up my Dermatitis and make my skin feel really weird. Like there’s a film over it, rather than being deeply moisturised by any nice ingredients. 
I always stock up on the Bath Bombs, which add a lovely scent and colour to the bath, alongside the essential oils moisturising my skin. If you’re after a super hydrating treat though, you might like the creamers more, as they’re a powerful little concentration of creamy, oily, scented goodness. Not only that, but you can indulge in a fruity candle whilst in the bath too! All for an affordable price for handmade products. 

Here are 5 other reasons you should love Bomb Cosmetics:

They’re all handmade: Every product in the Bomb Cosmetics range is 100% handmade – even down to the decoration, where each bath bomb is lovingly decorated by the hands of HUMANS. Because of this, each bomb, blaster and creamer is completely unique. 
They’re Cruelty Free: Not only are Bomb Cosmetics cruelty free, but they also refuse to sell to countries that would require animal testing, which makes them a must-have brand for any cruelty free fans out there. Even down to the print on their paper bags in store, the brand remain as ethical as possible when it comes to sourcing and producing their handmade bath bombs and products. 
They’re Affordable: I still can’t get over the amount most Lush bath bombs cost. When people Instagram videos of them putting about 3 in a bath I dry a little bit inside. Your bath is literally costing you about £15! It’s crazy if you think about it. Bomb Cosmetics often have offers on where you can bag 3 for around £6. Stock up.
They smell AMAZING: Due to each product being jam packed FULL of essential oils and lovely ingredients, they smell absolutely amazing. They even have a MELON bath bomb, which I’m actually saving for an extra special Sunday bath
They’re individually wrapped: Whilst Lush might be the bath bomb-ers current favourite, have you ever actually thought about how many people have touched the bath bomb you’re wanting to BATHE in during its time in the shop? I know whenever I go in Lush I’m one of those people who literally picks up everything, sniffs it and puts it back down. You’ve probably bathed in my germs, alongside 100000 others who’ve done the same that day. Gross. Bomb Cosmetics are all shrink wrapped in a really thin plastic to protect not only the products, but you as the customer.

I usually get my Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs from the store in Intu Potteries, which stocks every scent you can think of! If you’ve not discovered the brand yet, definitely give them a go and see what you think.