A Fresh Experience with Experimental Perfume Club and Tena

Okay, bladder weakness isn’t the most glamorous of subjects to write about is it? But whether we like to admit it or not, it’s an increasingly common issue. Especially when you get a bit older. I may look about 12 on the outside, but my 31 year old insides are aging at the regular rates. Whilst I don’t have bladder weakness in the traditional sense, I do have a pretty small bladder than means I wee a lot. At least once an hour. 
I’m also the type of person that has to go when I feel the urge to go. Granted, I’ve never had an accident, but this type of thing now makes me fear for the future and those little ‘whoops’ moments which are often talked about in the adverts. 
With all this in mind, I took the train to London and went to the latest blogger event from Tena, where we learnt more about the latest offering from the brand and took part in a perfume making class. All very exciting.

Before we get back on to the serious stuff, let’s just talk about the amazingness that is the Experimental Perfume Club. We were treated to a workshop from Emmanuel, who ran the session. We, in turn, sniffed a range of 15 fragrances, from Base Notes through the Top Notes, whilst Emmanuel explained the different elements of the scents and how they can work together.
Apparently my nose is pretty good, as I guessed around 10 fragrances straight off the bat – including my favourite scent, Coumarine. Coumarine is very similar to Tonka Bean, which is one of my favourite things to smell, especially in my favourite Dior Poison Girl perfume. It has a lovely vanillary, caramelly, creamy scent which I love. 
Of course, my own scent had to include it, alongside the following ingredients: Leather, Sandalwood, Cassis, Vanilla and Pepper. I wanted something rich and creamy, which didn’t have a hint of floral about it, but still remained feminine. 
I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result and my 10g bottle is now pride of place in my perfume collection. It’s ticked the box when it comes to an alternative to my beloved Dior and it’s also pretty nice to take home something you created yourself.
The message behind the event was around feeling fresh and promoting the new Tena Lights range, which is targeted to those of us aged 30+. If you’ve started to feel the effects of a weaker bladder already though, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal and there are things you can do to help it more when you’re younger too! 
Here are a few tips:
  • Try not to go to the toilet AS SOON as you feel the urge. But saying that – don’t hold it in for too long, as this can cause UTI infections. Try and take your mind off it temporarily and see if you still need to go after 5-10 minutes.
  • Lay off alcohol and caffeine where possible. These are both diuretics which increase the ol’ bladder activity.
  • Even though it’s tempting to not drink as much water because of the frequency of weeing, it’s important to drink a consistent amount to avoid bladder shrinkage which can be detrimental in the long run.
  • Download the Lights by Tena app, which helps you to remember to do you Kegal Exercises! Honestly, I find nothing more boring than trying to do kegals and this app is making it a lot less boring. Simply search for ‘pelvic floor’ on the app store and it should come up.

Just like we need to remove the stigma about other things in society right now, it’s also time to start talking more openly about bladder weakness and bladder problems. I know that for a while I’ve felt pretty alone in my friendship groups when I’m the only one who needs to pee so frequently and often become the annoyance on night’s out due to it. But thanks to the internet and events such as this I know I’m not alone and there’s still time to make a change to ensure in a few years it doesn’t get out of hand! 
I just pee a lot, okay?