Beauty Blog: Alternative Uses and Hacks For Those Beauty Products You Regret Buying

 As beauty addicts, we've all been there. We buy the shiniest packaging on the shelf, or the product that *everyone* is talking about, only to get home and it's the biggest waste of cash since that night out you can barely remember.

But don't worry. Being a person who hates to waste anything, I've come up with a few solutions to using those make up prodcts you've 'wasted' your money on in alternative ways.

The Metallic Lipstick You Thought You Could Rock

I absolutely love the thought of a metallic lipstick. In fact OCC Black Metal Dhalia is my go-to lip shade for a night out. However, it seems that if I stray from this deep red metallic colour, it just doesn't look right on me. 

After recently purchasing the Too Faced Metallic Lip colour in a luscious pink shade called 'tu-tu', I discovered that on my lips it just looked awful. The colour is too light and too shiny for my skin tone. However....

The Alternative Use?

Use a blending sponge and dab it across your cheeks and cheek bones as a lovely pink pop of blush, complete with light-reflecting shimmery bits. Add a little at a time and build up to your colour preference. It's almost like a pink gold colour, which works perfectly when not used on my lips. 

Or if you're looking for a metallic eye colour...

Another metallic lipstick I bought and wanted to love was the Colourpop in Man Eater. Falling for the 'rose gold' colour, it turned out that the colour is actually just a murky brown with a gold-toned shimmer. Despite not being a suitable lip colour for me, it works wonderfully as an eye colour shade.

Added on top of a shimmery gold eyeshadow and blended with the finger, the formula isn't too drying for us above the eyelid.

It's worth noting that anything which isn't made for use on your eyes originally, is to be used with caution! And if in doubt - don't put it near. Do not use a metallic formula directly on to your eyelid and only use from the crease upwards, unless the formula says it's eye friendly or multi-use!

The Eyebrow Shade Which is Just Too Dark

When Rimmel launched their new Brow This Way eyebrow powders, I was pretty impressed with the smooth, powder formula, which is so pigmented and rich in colour. In fact, if you go wrong with this stuff, you need a cotton bud and some strong make up remover to correct it.

Anyway, their PR team sent me all the colours in the range and needless to say; with red hair the black one for starters didn't suit me.

How else can you use it though?

If you're a lovely of a smoky eye look, or just want to switch up your liquid eyeliner to something a bit more bold, simply use the Rimmel Brow This Way as a liner.  You can blend it out effortlessly, or use a cotton bud to give a sharper cat eye. 

The Brown Mascara

Ever picked up a brown mascara by accident, thinking it's a black one? I've done this countless times. Just use it lightly over your brows to stick them in place and add a bit more volume. Of course, this doesn't work if you have light blonde hair, so don't blame me if you start to look like Helga from Hey Arnold.

Do you have any hacks for those products you regret buying?

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  1. If I don't like a face cream I repurpose and hand or body cream. One of my Stila Convertible Colors is solely used on lips as it would look like I'd been slapped if i use it on mu cheeks x

  2. I find those rimmel brow powders are so good as a smoky eyeliner- especially the two darker shades! They're quite difficult to blend as eyeshadow but work perfectly for eyeliner xx Sophie /


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