Music Blog: Reading and Leeds Festival 2017: Kasabian, MUSE and Eminem to Headline!

Reading and Leeds Festival have always been known for their diverse range of musical talents to hit the stages – which further supports my opinion on it being the best music festival to get all peer groups down to. This year is no different and with bands such as At The Drive In, HAIM, Fat Boy Slim and Korn all making an appearance throughout the weekend, it really is a festival where most musical tastes are catered for. 

Who is headlining Reading and Leeds Festival 2017 though?


I first discovered Kasabian after they released their first album way back in 2004. My Dad actually introduced them to me, which shows they really are the indie band for all age ranges. I feel that somehow they’re a little underrated compared to the likes of Arctic Monkeys and other bands that sit within the genre. However, show me a person that sits still and doesn’t dance when Velociraptor! is on and I’ll change my tune. Always a welcome addition to any indie night out playlist, I really can’t wait to see Kasabian live (If only to see Sergio in the flesh – holla!).


I must admit – someone tipped me off about Eminem MONTHS ago and I just didn’t believe them. Now I’m left gutted that I didn’t place a bet at the bookies because I would have been ROLLING in it right now. I saw Eminem a few years ago at Leeds Festival and despite not being a massive fan, I as pretty impressed at how the chap drew in the crowds. Even if you’re not a fan of his music, or rap in general, you can still enjoy the show with a range of samples and mixes being used through. I mean, who doesn’t sing along to Stan?


Muse actually played Leeds Festival when I went in 2011, but I missed the show! Who knows what I was doing at the time? Although I do remember torrential rain being a key feature that weekend, but for the bigger fans that didn’t stop them heading over and listening to the music and seeing the show.. Not only do Muse tend to bring out a grand piano and lasers, they also usually have a stage set up and design which gives smaller bands something to dream of. Forget the pyrotechnics, Muse let the lights do the talking and you only have to Google ‘Muse Stage Setup’ to see what I’m talking about…