Music Blog: Blossoms and Cabbage: The NME Awards Tour 2017 with Vo5

2017 is going to be a lot more about the music here on Hello Terri Lowe. More gigs, more reviews, more festivals and more recommendations (which aren’t just nu-metal).
Despite being in Stoke on Trent for well, pretty much my entire life, I’ve never been to a gig at Keele Ballroom (aka, the Student Union venue). When Vo5 popped me an email to see if I wanted to see Blossoms and Cabbage as part of the NME Awards Tour 2017, I thought it would be pretty rude not to.

Cabbage the Band

Cabbage is a band which was recommended to me by a friend, and with good reason. I’m a massive fan of anything a bit noisy and anything a bit nuts. Cabbage tick both of those boxes.With music that sounds like a The Hives met The Sex Pistols and had a wife swapping party, Cabbage somehow failed to win the hearts of the audience on what was the opening night of the NME Awards Tour.
I felt like most just didn’t get it.
Which is fair enough, as a majority of the audience were there for Blossoms, who are a stark contrast to Cabbage.
However, as a fan I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Despite the singer breaking his ‘pelvic rami’ and having to succumb to a wheelchair to perform, I still thought it was a bloody good set. Beaming with energy and seemingly politically charged, Cabbage are what 2017 needs. 
What concerned me during the set, was the overwhelming amount of ‘youth’ in the audience being completely derogatory to him, as they genuinely thought he was disabled.
cabbage the band at keele
”OMG is he actually in a wheelchair, WTF as if they have a (word not for the internet) on stage”
”Is this serious? Timmeeeehhhh”
…And so on. They all thought they were hilarious when they were under the impression they were mocking someone with actual disabilities. 
Thankfully, Cabbage’s Lee Broadbent will be out of his chair when the injury is heeled. But that didn’t stop them playing on the mocking and deflecting the awful comments by reacting with humour. And humour is certainly a strength of the band, you just have to watch a few YouTube videos to see that.
Anyway, if you like satirical post-punk and Partridge references, you’ll like them. 

Blossoms at Keele

I’ve seen Blossoms twice during the Summer, both times at a festival, so I was keen to see if they could re-create the atmosphere at an indoor venue. I must admit, I’m not a massive Blossoms fan, but when they’re on stage there’s just… something about them. Tom Ogden’s voice is flawless every time. Once again, this performance in itself was without fault.
But is it any wonder that they are faultless during performance, when each gig feels a little bit like groundhog day?
Each setlist appears to be the same and even after the first time they scouted an audience member who’d  ‘just been dumped’, so they could dedicate a song to them, it felt like a tired idea.

If you’re a big fan and haven’t seen them before, you do need to watch them though, as you will definitely enjoy the experience.

blossoms at keele
By the time Blossoms were on stage though, the lack of air conditioning in Keele Ballroom was becoming deeply uncomfortable. On a cold, wet March evening it was quite amazing how 95% of the audience had looked like they’d just come out of the rapids at Water World. If I, at any point doubted, that the temperature and sweaty hue in the air was a one off, I simply had to look to the ceiling to see large mould spores on the ceiling.
It’s a wonder nobody left with legionnaires disease.

Big thanks to Vo5 for hooking me up with guest list, and I’m hoping to see Cabbage as much as possible this year. You can catch them and Blossoms on the NME Awards 2017 tour until the 1st April. Dates and tickets can be found here.