Food Blog: Brunch at Côte Brasserie Manchester

Brunch at Côte Brasserie
Hands up if you left Mother’s Day prep until the last minute?
You ‘orrible little rotter you…
How could you forget to book, cook or buy anything so close to your mum’s big day?
If you have proved yourself to be the worst child ever, then fear not, here’s a little idea for that last minute Mother’s Day treat which you might have a chance at still booking.
Everyone always thinks of Afternoon Tea, lunch or an evening meal when it comes to taking your mum out. But why not get up and ‘atom earlier and take mother dearest to a fancy little brunch?
On Sunday I was invited to Côte Brasserie to have the ultimate French Brunch experience, which they’re also offering up on a special menu for Mother’s Day this Sunday. For £15.95 you can have a Mother’s Day Champagne Breakfast.

But don’t forget that brunch is the year -round treat for all to enjoy. With this in mind, what is brunch at Côte Brasserie like?

I chose the Vegetarian Breakfast, switching my mushers out for extra tomatoes. Mushrooms are literally the only food I cannot eat. A nice juicy tomato in their place is like sweet heaven in comparison.
Brunch at Côte Brasserie
The Vegetarian Breakfast from Côte Brasserie consists of vegetarian sausage, field mushroom, tomato, avocado, baby spinach and two poached eggs on sourdough toast with a side of Hollandaise sauce. It’s basically the best of every item on the breakfast menu all on one plate.
Craving eggs benedict, but still fancy some avocado? Get the Veggie Breakie down ya!
I must say, Côte isn’t a place I would usually have thought of for brunch or breakfast, but this has certainly got me craving for more adventures there. Service was great and the food was served super-speedy, which is always a bonus when you’re absolutely starving first thing.

Eggs were poached to perfection, the sourdough bread was toasted *just right* and the veggie sausage was like a mini nut-roast, rather than fake meat. Delicious.

So, if you have left Mother’s day until last minute, then take a look here and book your brunch! If you just fancy a nice start to your weekend, I can recommend heading to  Côte anyway, just because.