Beauty Blog: Is Primark Make Up Any Good?

Recently I kicked it old school and joined a Facebook Group. It was called ‘Mrs Gloss and the Goss’. In this group there are over 50, 000 members, all talking about make up, all the time. I rarely use Facebook, but every time I go on it now, my feed is a stream of people recommending so many new things to try.

One of the brands which kept creeping up and receiving glowing reviews was Primark and their make up/skincare range.
Not one to miss out on bagging a bargain, I ventured in the other day and somehow spent £17 on various make up items.

The two stand out items from my Primark haul…

Any skincare ranges that feature Glycolic Acid is my weakness. Primark have created a small but versatile range which boasts this skin savior. Glycolic Acid is perfect for anyone looking to brighten their skin and gently exfoliate over night.
The Primark Glycolic Acid Oil Free Moisturiser has been perfect for priming my skin, ready for make up in the morning. Despite containing Alcohol, which is an ingredient I steer away from in skincare, due to it’s drying effects, the overall product is fairly nice.

It smells really fresh and absorbs in to my skin quickly. Hence why it’s great for in the morning when I’m in a rush. As it’s oil-free it doesn’t toy with my foundation like some other moisturisers can do.

The PS Pro foundation is the ideal partner for using with this Glycolic Acid based moisturiser….

Whenever you use Glycolic Acid products, you must remember to ensure your skincare and make up contains SPF. The PS Pro long wearing mineralized foundation from Primark does have SPF 15 as part of the formula, which makes it great for daily use. 
I was really surprised that not only the coverage of the foundation is great – and will provide you with a medium to full coverage with minimal effort – but the colour is pretty much perfect for my skin tone. I was expecting it to be too orange or too dark, but it’s bang on. Better still, if you are a little paler, they also do a shade lighter than the Ivory one I picked up. 
Have you tried any products from the Primark Make Up range? Let me know your recommendations on Twitter @helloterrilowe.