Music Blog: #GIRLBOSS the Playlist

#GIRLBOSS is the latest Netlix series that Twitter is talking about. Inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s book, of the same title, the series follows the uprising of a multi-million dollar fashion empire – Nasty Gal. Sophia, is portrayed as a rebellious, often bratty, girl attempting to be independent despite being pretty piss-poor. She refuses financial help from parents and friends and there’s a great deal of pride being showcased throughout the series. Just when she loses her job in the early episodes, she stumbles upon a bargain vintage jacket in a thrift shop. After making a killing on eBay with it, she’s inspired to set up her own online business selling other vintage finds.
Not only is the series pretty inspiring, watching the rise of what became a fashion empire, but it’s also a complete throwback for us who were around about the same age as Sophia back in 2006. MySpace and eBay were firm favourites on the bookmark bar and everyone was desperate to make the most of these platforms, in the way Sophia did. 
The series itself is watchable. It’s nothing stand-out and I wouldn’t watch it again, but the odd appearance from Ru Paul doesn’t go a miss. Despite being a rather mediocre show, it did prompt me to make a Spotify playlist full of all my favourite bad-ass Girl Boss bands and songs. Some are from the show, some aren’t. 
Give it a listen and release your inner Riot-grrl-boss: