Music Blog: The Lowdown on Download 2017

It seems like only a few months ago that I was knee deep in mud, watching KoRn at Download 2016. How time flies when you're having jager-fueled fun, huh?

Festival announcements are coming through thick and fast at the moment, but it's only right that we begin the festival-based musical lust lists with the spiritual home of Rock: Download Festival 2017.

Who's Headlining Download 2017?

Headlining Download 2017 we have System of a Down, Aerosmith and.... Biffy Clyro. I must admit, when I saw Biffy were on the bill, I kind of recoiled with my standard WTF face. However, I then re-watched the videos I took at Leeds 2016 and y'know what? They're more than worthy of headlining Download. Honestly. Not only do they actually have some heavier stuff (can you tell I'm not a massive Biffy fan here?), but they also know how to put on a surprisingly high energy rock show. 

I know. I was shocked too...

If you are skeptical of how well they'll handle the metal crowd, you'll just have to head to the main stage on the Saturday and see for yourself. I think you'll be surprised.

Regardless of Biffy-bashing, there's still System of a Down and Aerosmith to get your ears around. If you do like it heavy then System are the one. Last time I saw them they opened with WAR? and I've never seen anything go from zero to WALLS OF DEATH in such a short amount of time.

Aerosmith are the 'once in a lifetime' ones for me. A band I'd never expected to see live, who were kind of unobtainable. Thanks to Download though, this small gal from Stoke can finally see Steven Tyler in the flesh. The closest I've been to that so far, is watching Liv Tyler in Empire Records....

Who Else is Playing Download 2017?

A shit load of people I want to see. I can tell you that much.

My recommendations (in no particular order) are:

The Lounge Kittens: Because Fred Durst personally invited them on stage to open for them in 2015 and they do the greatest Sean Paul melody on YouTube ever.
Sikth: Because if you like things particularly heavy, but with a twist, then Mikee and the gang are up your street.
Dillinger Escape Plan: Because they might not have Mike Patton on stage with them doing the greatest Math-core EP ever, but they're pretty good in a noise filled way without him. 
Good Charlotte: Because we tried to see them at Leeds last year and it was so busy I'm still wondering wtf I missed out on.
Coheed and Cambria Because your chances of seeing Rush are pretty slim and these are your next best bet.
Steel Panther: Because of the lols and spandex.
Slayer: Because this is probably their only UK date this year.
Wednesday 13: Because of your goth youth.
Rob  Zombie: Because, how can you not? 

What Else Can You See at Download 2017?

Apart from the music, the mud and the metal, you can also see the return of WWE NXT LIVE! Last year the festival had it's own dedicated wrestling ring on site for WWE show, which was full to capacity every time we tried to squeeze in. This year should be no different and after the social media coverage of Wrestlemania I saw from literally everyone the other day, I'd be surprised if people didn't go to Download just for the wrestling this year. But don't, go for the bands as well, yeah?

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