Food Blog: Brunch at All Bar One, Chester

Is there a meal which is more satisfying than brunch? Not quite lunch, not quite breakfast, just that meal that happens at the perfect time of the day... Especially for people like me that always skips breakfast, whoops.

Recently I received a £50 gift card for All Bar One in Chester, so took my blogging baes Tereza and Charl to a lovely brunchy treat.

To kick things off, we had a brunch board to share. This is meant to serve two people - and would have been a wonderfully filling dish between a pair... I mean, even between three is was pretty filling and that would have done us, but we were determined to have a brunch each after we'd polished it off. 

Two course brunches are the next big thing, you saw it here first.

The brunch board itself consisted of toast, avocado, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, seeds, mushrooms, poached eggs and cold pressed juice. The part I enjoyed the most was probably the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, with a smoosh of avocado on, of course.

For my 'main course' I went for the Protein Power-Up, simply because it had flavour combinations I'd not really experienced before... We're talking pink grapefruit and eggs here. 

I must admit, the Protein Power-Up hasn't been my favourite brunch ever. And I did get brunch-envy when I saw Charl's Eggs Benedict (my fave), but it was more than edible. 

Poached eggs, avocado, seeds, grapefruit, radishes and salmon made up the dish. I suppose after the 'starter' course I only needed something light like this anyway - and it does weigh in at under 400 calories for the whole thing. So I could at least kid myself I was being healthy. Either way, I probably could have done without the grapefruit in the bowl. 

The great thing about All Bar One Brunch is that they actually have an offer on where you can get a coffee with your brunch, for cheaper than the food alone(?!). So for £6.50 you can have something like the Protein Power-Up (which costs £6.95) with a latte (around £2.50)! Does that make sense? I hope so. Either way, it's a good deal, okay?

For all of our food (brunch board, 3 main brunch courses and drinks included) it came to around £35 between 3. 

Another feature of note when dining at All Bar One, is the shot of smarties you get with your coffee. Like we could fit any more food in?! But it really did brighten up our morning on such a rainy day!

It's the little things that make all the difference sometimes isn't it?

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