Live Review: The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester

ladyboys of bangkok tour

If you’ve followed my blog over the last few years, then you may be aware that I used to work in PR. PR for a very special live show. A show that comes around once a year…

A show like nothing you’ve seen before.

The show I used to work for was the Lady Boys of Bangkok.

And no, I was never *in* the show. I definitely don’t have the right equipment.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok is an all miming, all dancing performance that leaves everyone leaving their purpose built Sabai Pavilion thinking ”what the bloody hell did I just experience?”

I was lucky enough to catch the Lady Boys show in Manchester last weekend…

16 of Thailand’s cheekiest and sassiest Lady Boys are in the show. And no there are no ping pong balls.

What you do get is approximately an hour and a half of awe and lols.

I didn’t stop laughing or frowning the entire length of the show.

Whether it was veteran Lady Boy Ole making you laugh, or Trevor (the short guy) getting his kit off…. It was an experience like nothing else.

When people first hear ‘lady boy’ the immediately think of something seedy. But believe me, even the ‘sexiest’ bits of the show are filled with laughter. 
Especially when a slightly unwilling audience members are called up on stage for a blind folded ‘strip tease’… 

The only way I can describe the Lady Boys of Bangkok show overall is just ‘bizarre’. In a good way.

Live Review: The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester

Even when you think it’s hit the weirdest part with a random performance of The Lion King, it takes another twist by merging in to Shakira ‘Africa’?!

There were some old classics in the show, such as The Full Monty routine, alongside the unforgettable Tina Turner performance.  That’s not to say that the 2017 Lady Boys show, titled ‘Who Runs the World’ isn’t packed full of songs you haven’t seen them perform before in a brand new set list.
I mean… The was even a part where Rod Stewart made an appearance. I for one, have never seen that before…

Live Review: The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester

During the first half of the show, the crowd remained somber. As soon as the second half begun, everyone was awash with the spirit of the show.

Singing, dancing, shouting ‘who the fuck is Alice’….

I don’t think there was a box the performance didn’t tick?!

With over 450 handmade outfits taking to the stage, alongside the lady boy line up, the costumes were just as captivating as the lip syncing.

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, Michael Jackson turns up for the finale.

One of the things I enjoy the most about watching the Lady Boys of Bangkok show live, is that you can really see how much fun the performers are having. The feel-good vibes rub off on even the toughest crowd, even when it’s one of the hottest days of the year.

If you missed them in Manchester, don’t worry.

The tour hits various locations around the UK. Which you can explore here.

Oh and even Zoella went to see them in Brighton. So that must mean it’s good, right?